Best Clean Easting Restaurants In Los Angeles

Organic restaurants are all the rage these days -- especially in health-conscious Los Angeles! If you live in the LA area, we’re here to tell you about eight organic restaurants to check out!

  1. Akasha

Akasha, located in Culver City, offers organic wholesome meals made with local and sustainable ingredients. Their menu is diverse, so there’s something for everyone. Some of the highlights include braised chicken with quince and onions, vegetarian green bean and walnut chopped liver, and apple-honey cake.

  1. Feed Body & Soul

Located in Venice, Feed Body & Soul offers cocktails, an extensive wine list, dinner, lunch, brunch, and happy hour. Some of their menu’s highlights include rainbow quinoa salad, grass-fed burger, local roasted beets, and wild king salmon. They also have some of the best cocktails we’ve tasted – and they’re 100% organic! Favorites include sweet and spicy summer, basil pineapple lemonade, and blood orange margarita.

  1. Elf Café

Elf Café, located in Echo Park, dishes up some of the best organic, vegetarian food around. Some menu highlights include sautéed rainbow chard, fried oyster mushroom, and market vegetable fritto misto, vegetarian doner kebab, and garden eggs. They also have an extensive natural wine selection consisting of chardonnays, roses, pinot grigios, and sparkling wines.

  1. Lyfe Kitchen

Lyfe Kitchen, another organic treasure located in Culver City, dishes up healthy, organic versions of classic American fare. Some of the highlights on their menu are the breakfast burrito, quinoa buttermilk pancakes, edamame hummus plate, grilled chicken and avocado sandwich, and kale Caesar salad. Lyfe Kitchen’s menu provides calorie and sodium amounts to help you make healthy choices.

  1. Local

Local, located in the Silverlake neighborhood, offers locally sourced, organic breakfast and lunch. Some breakfast menu highlights include huevos rancheros, whole wheat pancakes, and quinoa oatmeal. Lunch favorites include the vegan sloppy joe, grilled fish tacos, and the curried chicken salad sandwich.

  1. Sage Organic Vegan Bistro

This casual café with locations in Culver City, Echo Park, and Pasadena dishes up some of the best vegan food around! They offer extensive brunch, lunch, dinner, and pizza menus as well as some of the best vegan ice cream. A favorite pizza features an heirloom tomato garlic topping – and if you’re gluten intolerant, Sage Organic also offers gluten-free crusts! Check out their ice cream, too. Their chai shake is also extremely popular.

  1. Mohawk Bend

Mohawk Bend is a hip restaurant located in Echo Park that features locally-sourced food and beers. Their brunch menu includes tofu scrambles, avocado toast, and eggs Florentine, while their lunch menu offerings include wilted salad, chili cheese fries, and soba noodle salad. Don’t forget to check out Mohawk Bend’s extensive organic beer list, too!

  1. Suncafe Organic

Suncafe, located in Studio City, recently received the 2015 Diners’ Choice award, and for good reason, too! They serve some of the best organic cuisine around, including blistered shishito peppers, Portobello sandwich, and fig and tempeh pizza. Suncafe also offers irresistible juice blends like apple carrot, lemon ginger, and cucumber mint. Talk about healthy!

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