couples-poses_t5rjzc-600x372The guide to Instagram couple photos

Getting the right selfie is no easy feat, but adding a second person into the mix? Even harder. If you're a couple looking to show off your love on the gram and need some tips on how to nail it, here's five ways to up your couple photo game:

1. Lighting is essential

Ideally, you should snap pics using natural light. Diffused and even outdoor light is best, so you'll want to avoid harsh sunlight or being backlit. If you're taking pics inside, be sure to take them facing a window for a soft, optimal glow.

2. Downplay shadows

Make sure shadows aren't cast across your faces. There's no point in gramming the moment if shadows are obscuring your smiles. To avoid this, snap pics either at sunrise or sunset.

3. Choose your filters wisely

If you're adding a filter to your photo, choose something that subtly enhances but doesn't distract from the two of you. Again, you want to avoid anything that's too harsh in contrast.

4. Take lots of pics

This way, you'll end up with a few great photos to choose from. Be sure to change your angles and expressions for variety.

5. Use a timer

You don't always have someone else around to take photos of you and your SO. Instead, use the timer feature to help you take photos. This setting will count you down so you can prop up your camera and go hands-free.

6. Invest in a tripod

If you're serious about getting the best shots, consider investing in a tripod. Today, tripods come in all sorts of compact sizes, so you can toss it in your purse or backpack as you and your partner adventure. Many also come with a handy Bluetooth remote so you can snap multiple shots from afar.

7. Know your angles

Maybe one of you has a preferred side or maybe your SO is a lot taller than you. Knowing where to position yourself (left, right, sitting, standing) and what works best not only individually but together will make for better pics.

8. Get candid

Some of the best photos aren't posed! But they can be staged. Set up your camera to take a few pics before or after your planned shots to capture the more real moments.

Let your love shine

Like anything, leveling up your Instagram photos takes practice. Choosing the right pose is half the battle and much of the rest boils down to technical stuff, such as lighting, angles, and using the right equipment. But with these tips and tricks, you'll be on your way to taking the best couples photos and soon you'll watch your likes turn into loves.

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