Summer is officially over in a few weeks. That's why you should make a point to take advantage of all it has to offer. Here are eight ways to savor the last days of summer:

1. Go camping

If you live near the mountains or the beach, then you should enjoy the warm weather while you still can. There's no better way to appreciate summer than by camping for a weekend. If you're not big on camping, you can still soak up some sun with a hike.

2. Visit the beach

Nothing says summer like a day at the beach. Plan a trip to the beach, grab some sunscreen and towels, and then have some relaxing fun in the sun.

3. Pick berries

Blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries are all in season now. Check out to see if there are some local berry farms around you. Then spend a few hours in the sun picking pounds of berries. You can always freeze whatever you don't use.

4. Hit up the farmers market

Most farmers markets only run from spring to the end of summer. Stock up on fresh produce and locally-made products while you still can.

5. Go barefoot

You certainly can't walk around barefoot outside when it's wintertime. Take a walk around a park barefoot and feel the grass between your toes.

6. Squeeze in a last-minute weekend getaway

Not ready to part with your weekend beach or lake trips? Plan one last summer vacation getaway that's devoted to relaxing in the sun.

7. Eat outdoors

How often will you be able to dine outdoors once fall is in full swing? Whether it's eating with friends and family out in your backyard or at a restaurant, try to soak up the sun as much as possible.

8. Watch the sunrise and set

Summer's days are the longest of the year, but they go by so quickly. Get up early one morning to watch the sun rise and then stay up to watch it set. It's genuinely one of the best parts of summer.

Enjoy summer while you still can!

Savor the last few weeks of summer by being outdoors as much as possible. Carve out time to go hiking, hit up the beach, go camping, and hang out in a park. Soak up the sun while you still can!

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