Bravo star Jessica Parido is about to be your new BFF

Jessica Parido — you know her from Bravo's hit reality series, The Shahs of Sunset. Sparks flew when she dated and later wed the show's Mike Shouhed, a player in commercial real estate. Their stormy romance made for memorable viewing.

The sun set on that chapter in her life when she left the show following her split from Shouhed. But a new chapter has begun, and she welcomes the challenges it brings. Already a huge social media presence (over 380k followers on Instagram, and over 30k on Twitter), Jessica has turned her attention to couture. With her friend, designer Sahar Hersel, she launched the online fashion boutique, Glam Envy. The name reflects the boutique's mission: to be the solution to the glam envy you feel and to make others envy you. Built on a reputation for hot styles at cool prices, Glam Envy opened its first brick and mortar retail space last fall.

Though she's a busy lady, Jessica recently took time to sit down with Life by LaserAway to dish on food, drink, celebs, style, and song. Here's what we learned.

Jessica Parido's hot takes on everything from crushes to Coolio

1. Her female celebrity crush is Rihanna

"I think her style is so dope," she confesses. "I love her music, and I think she's awesome."

2. She's no fan of Taylor Swift or Katy Perry

When asked which singer she'd choose in a head-to-head, she says simply, "Neither."

3. She likes TV best when it keeps it real

She prefers reality television to scripted shows. Big surprise, right?

4. She like coffee better than tea

Java powers her through: "Iced coffee, every day. No matter what."

5. She's no lightweight in the club

Skip the cocktails, beer, and wine. She'll have shots, 'kay?

6. Pasta is her fave "cheat day" carb

She's Italian, duh.

7. She's tough as nails on unpainted toes

Her biggest fashion pet peeve is "bad feet." "If you're going to wear an open-toed shoe," she advises, "please get a pedicure."

8. She's quick with a humorous #humblebrag

To the question, "What's a surprising fact about you?," she answers, "I'm super funny ... and really modest."

9. Her "desert island artist" isn't who you'd expect

Any tropical atoll she should get stranded on would be paradise — a gangsta's, to be exact. When asked whom she'd like with her on any indefinitely extended three-hour tour, she names the rapper Coolio.

LA story

The great success Jessica has enjoyed is well earned. At age 14 she battled leukemia and won, thanks to an odds-defying bone marrow transplant from her younger sister, Kristina. It was Jessica's experience with her hospital caregivers that inspired her to become a nurse herself.

It is just this kind of spirit that sets Jessica apart. A self-described "hard-working, down-to-earth girl who never takes 'no' for an answer." We're excited and honored to have her on #TeamLA.

Jessica Parido