Christmas is literally right around the corner. And the final countdown for finding the perfect gift has begun! Are you still stumped about what to get your loved ones? You might want to consider pampering them with some med spa treatments. There’s a wide range of med spa treatments available to suit every concern.

So why not give the gift of confidence this year? Here’s our top five med spa gifts:

  1. Laser Hair Removal

A series of laser hair removal treatments is the perfect gift for someone who hates shaving and waxing because it’s quick, relatively painless, non-invasive and it offers lasting results. Best of all, advanced laser hair removal technologies work on nearly all skin types and tones. How does laser hair removal work? Laser hair removal uses laser light pulses that selectively destroy hair follicles by targeting the melanin in them. The follicle’s pigment absorbs the laser’s light pulse, damaging the follicle enough to significantly slow down hair regrowth. Since the lasers target melanin, coarse, dark hair and light skin combinations tend to respond best to treatment.

Laser hair removal is so effective that most clients experience permanent hair loss after an average of three to five sessions. But you’ll have to undergo multiple laser hair removal sessions to obtain maximum results, because only hair in the anagen—or active—stage of hair growth can be successfully treated.

  1. Botox

Botox is a wonderful gift for that older person in your life who’s battling the onset of wrinkles. Botox is a prescription medication that improves moderate to severe frown lines, forehead furrows, smoker’s lines and crow’s feet. Botox is a great alternative to invasive cosmetic procedures. It’s quick, painless, and rarely causes side effects.

How does Botox work? Botox is a neurotoxin and works by attaching itself to nerve endings. Once this happens, the neurotransmitter responsible for triggering muscle contractions, called acetylcholine, can’t be released. To put it more simply, Botox injections temporarily relax the facial muscles that underlie and cause wrinkles. This is also why wrinkles caused by sun damage and gravity don’t respond to Botox treatments.

Botox offers real, noticeable results. Since Botox works by weakening facial muscles, full results are generally seen within five to seven days. You’ll see deep dynamic wrinkles gradually improve over time, in addition to the early effects seen shortly after treatment. Your results will continue to improve, until about two weeks after the procedure. At that time, you’ll be looking your best. The effects of Botox will gradually wear off over the next four to six months, and the wrinkles will need to be retreated.

  1. IPL Photo Facials

Do you know someone who could use a “pick me up” when it comes to their skin? Then you might want to consider giving them a gift certificate for a series of IPL photo facials. IPL photo facials stimulate collagen, remove age spots, smooth and refine the skin, and reverse sun damage. Best of all, they’re non-invasive, effective and require no recovery time.

How do IPL photo facials work? IPL photo facials work by using a broad-spectrum light source that penetrates multiple layers of skin. This type of photo facial primarily targets the lower layers of skin (dermis) while leaving the top layers of skin (epidermis) unaffected. The heat generated from the light promotes healing of the skin within, treating a number of different dermatological issues.

You can expect outstanding results with IPL photo facials. But you must be diligent about scheduling treatment sessions. IPL photo facial treatments call for five treatment sessions spaced three weeks apart to obtain desired results. In some cases those results can be seen after only the first treatment! And skin continues to improve with each successive treatment.

  1. Clear + Brilliant

A series of Clear + Brilliant treatments makes the ideal gift. It helps to refresh skin by reversing the early signs of aging, giving skin a youthful glow. How does Clear + Brilliant work? Clear + Brilliant works its magic by revitalizing skin from the inside out. Its non-invasive laser technology gently resurfaces the top layer of the dermis by creating millions of microscopic treatment zones in the skin. Sounds complicated, right? But it’s really just about replacing damaged skin with healthy, younger-looking tissue. The result? Smoother, softer and youthful-looking skin. Sounds like the perfect gift, doesn’t it?

Clear + Brilliant is clinically proven to significantly reverse early signs of aging. Almost all patients who undergo Clear + Brilliant treatments report their skin looks younger and feels smoother. What’s more, their skin achieves a noticeable glow after a series of three to five Clear + Brilliant treatments. This glow owes to the fact that Clear + Brilliant significantly helps refresh skin tone and texture – indeed, many patients see a significant difference in the appearance of their skin after only one treatment. Within as little as a week, patients notice brighter, softer and more youthful skin texture. With multiple treatments age spots, fine lines and wrinkles fade and soften.

  1. Juvéderm

Juvderm is the ideal gift for people looking to erase annoying wrinkles around their mouth and nose. Juvederm is a revolutionary dermal filler, and with just one treatment you’ll get natural looking results that last up to one year. How does Juvederm work? Juvéderm is comprised of a smooth hyaluronic acid gel that, when injected into the skin, smooths wrinkles and folds. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring molecule found in the human body, and its primary function is to bind and absorb water, creating volume in the face. During the natural aging process, hyaluronic acid found in the body diminishes. The result? Those annoying lines and folds. Juvéderm corrects this by restoring hyaluronic acid in the skin, helping to diminish the appearance of wrinkles and folds.

Juvéderm works best on:

  • Facial lines, wrinkles, creases and folds
  • Acne, surgical scars or other skin depressions
  • Sunken areas around the eyes or cheekbones
  • Thin or aging lips

Count on getting immediate, long-lasting results with Juvéderm. Unlike other dermal fillers, Juvéderm results are customizable, depending on your specific needs. Juvéderm allows you to pick from two different formulations – Juvéderm Ultra XC and Juvéderm Ultra Plus XC. Juvéderm Ultra XC is primarily for contouring and volumizing facial wrinkles and folds, while Juvéderm Ultra Plus XC is a more robust formulation designed for volumizing and correcting deeper folds and facial wrinkles. With Juvéderm, beauty is custom made!

Give the Gift of Youth with LaserAway!

LaserAway is proud to offer the most medical spa service options of any national skincare provider. LaserAway hires only the most highly trained staff experienced and certified in administering laser and other dermatological procedures. What’s more, LaserAway uses only innovative techniques and cutting-edge laser technology. LaserAway aims to make your medical spa experience comfortable, enjoyable and satisfying. Want to learn more about Juvéderm? Botox? Clear + Brilliant? Then schedule a free, no-obligation consultation today by emailing or calling the staff at LaserAway at (888) 965-2737. And have a wonderful holiday!

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