How to Quickly Declutter Your Makeup Bag

Streamline your beauty bag

Can't find your favorite lipstick? Got too many old cosmetic samples crammed into your makeup bag? It happens to the best of us as we hoard freebies, sentimental products and more. It's also a sign that it's time for a beauty overhaul. Here are tips on how to quickly declutter your makeup bag:

Don't keep it if you don't love it

You know that eyeshadow? The one that looks amazing in its packaging but never seems to work? Don't keep it, thinking that one day you'll wear it. If you're not currently using certain cosmetics regularly, throw them away. They're just taking up unnecessary space.

Use what you have

By the same token, if you have a million face masks, then you should probably start using them — schedule time to actually use some of your skincare products and cosmetics.

Don't necessarily organize your cosmetics

While it's good to know where all your lipsticks are, the goal is to downsize. Only keep cosmetics that you wear on a daily or weekly basis. All the others should be placed in the trash pile.

Throw out expired cosmetics

All cosmetics have an expiration date for a reason! That's why it's essential to go through your makeup two or three times a year to toss out any old cosmetics that can harbor bacteria.

Donate any unopened items

It can feel wasteful tossing out skincare and beauty products. But many places will make great use of your products. Women's and homeless shelters will take unopened products as long as they are in good condition.

One in, one out

Just like with clothes, wait until you've used up a product before buying a new one. This will prevent you from hoarding all your favorite beauty items.

Say no to free samples

Free products are one of the biggest culprits behind clutter. You might gather up free moisturizer or lipgloss samples, but do you actually use them? If you're not the type of person who really puts free samples to use, then just say no from now on!

Try a no-buy challenge

One of the best ways to declutter your makeup bag and adopt a more minimalistic lifestyle is to try a no-buy challenge. Give yourself the challenge of not buying any cosmetics for a certain amount of time. This will enable you to use up the ones you already have.

More (makeup) isn't always more

If there's anything we've learned from completing this exercise ourselves, it's that more isn't always more! It's best to keep a streamlined arsenal of products you know and love, and when you're ready to try something new, remember to trade out an old product for space. With a decluttered, minimal makeup bag, your beauty routine will be more efficient than ever!

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