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5 Spring Cleaning Apps That’ll Motivate You to Get Organized

Cleaning apps you need to download

It’s that time of the year again — time to spring clean your house (and your life). Use these five apps to help motivate you to become more clean, neat, and organized:

1. FlyLady

This app helps to make cleaning less stressful by dividing your house into zones, such as the kitchen or living room, which allows you to focus on one zone at a time. You can also assign routines to each of your zones, like vacuuming. Once you’re finished, you can check the task off your list. FlyLady notifies you when it’s time to move on to a new zone.

2. Spring Cleaning Checklist

This app helps you to create a cleaning checklist for each room in your house, and you can add tasks, too. Start with one room at a time and complete each task for that room.

3. Home Routines

This app allows you to create checklists, assign tasks to specific days of the week, and set alerts to stay on track. For instance, you can be reminded to do laundry once a week, wipe down windows once a month, and take out the recycling every two weeks. You can add rooms and tasks to focus zones, which helps you stay organized.

4. TaskRabbit

Have a lot of home repairs that you haven’t gotten around to just yet? Why not get help from a professional handyman? This app enables you to conveniently hire background-checked professionals right from your phone to help finish the job for you.

5. Tody

Tody is an app designed to help you manage your household cleaning routines. You can create a “plan” for your space by creating a list of reoccurring chores that are grouped by room, and you can also break each chore down into frequency. Tody lets you visualize and track your progress to reach your goals.

No more excuses

Since there’s basically an app for everything now, there’s no excuse not to spring clean your home. The above apps can help make things more manageable and a heck of a lot easier by keeping you motivated, organized, and on track. Who knows— you might actually have some fun cleaning and decluttering.

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