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Make Your Own DIY All Natural Mineral Eyeshadow

How to create your own mineral eyeshadow

Many commercial eyeshadows found at drugstores and department stores contain ingredients that can irritate the skin, such as parabens and preservatives. If you’d rather wear all-natural cosmetics, the good news is that they’re a cinch to make!

What ingredients will you need?

Making your own DIY mineral eyeshadow only requires a few natural ingredients, one of which is bentonite clay. This ingredient is well known for its ability to draw out and absorb toxins, plus it’s antimicrobial and full of minerals. These benefits make bentonite clay the perfect starting place for creating your own mineral eyeshadow. It’s usually blended with arrowroot powder to form a solid eyeshadow base.

The rest of the ingredients you’ll use all depend on the colors you’d like to try. You can use cocoa powder to achieve a rich brown shade and spices such as nutmeg, turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, and paprika for variations on natural earth tones. For darker shades, try activated charcoal. Or, to branch out to wider variations of color, use beetroot and spirulina powders. You can even add natural mica colors for some shimmer.

Here’s a standard recipe to use that you’ll be able to customize depending on the shade you want:

  • 1/2 teaspoon arrowroot start
  • 1/2 teaspoon bentonite clay
  • ground ginger, cocoa powder, ground cinnamon, or ground nutmeg
  • 2-to-3 drops of almond oil

You’ll want to experiment with different colored powders and ratios until you’ve reached your desired shade using mica powders, activated charcoal, beetroot powder, and spirulina.

Follow these super easy instructions

To create the ultimate DIY mineral eyeshadow, there are only four simple steps involved:

Step one

Mix the arrowroot powder and bentonite clay in a small bowl to create your eyeshadow base.

Step two

Mix in the desired ingredients, such as cinnamon, activated charcoal, ginger, and nutmeg, until you’ve reached your desired shade.

Step three

Add two or three drops of almond oil to the mixture and combine until the powder is no longer dusty. It should become soft and stick together slightly.

Step four

Apply the eyeshadow mixture to well-moisturized skin. The almond oil found in this eyeshadow formula has the added benefit of restoring moisture to the skin and decreasing redness.

You can store your eyeshadow in a small sifter jar to help prevent spilling. Before using this eyeshadow, be sure to test it on a small patch of skin away from the eyes to see if you might be allergic to any ingredients. Use the eyeshadow within three to four months.

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