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10 Easy Ways To Get Plump Lips

DIY ways to enhance your lips

You’d like larger, more luscious lips, right? Besides augmentation, there are numerous ways you can enhance your lips. They range from home remedies to makeup tricks. These simple makeup and beauty tricks can help give you the lips you want:

1. Shake the flakes

We all experience dry lips at some point, and whether they’re caused by medication, dehydration, or just the change in weather, exfoliating your lips can help. An easy way of doing this, while also increasing the blood flow to your lips, is by scrubbing them daily with your toothbrush. Afterward, apply your favorite all-natural lip balm for a soft, kissable pout.

2. Try nude lip liner

Makeup artists agree that lining and filling in your lips with nude lip liner before applying lipstick creates a uniform canvas and a slightly bigger base for your lipstick. This keeps lip color from smudging and your lips looking as big as possible.

3. Apply mint lip products

If you’re not interested in chemical fillers or plumpers, check out all-natural lip balms that contain peppermint or spearmint. Mint naturally creates a larger pout by increasing blood flow to your lips. Burt’s Bees Original lip balm is a good brand to try.

4. Contour

Just as lip liners help you overdraw your pout, contouring creates a faux shadow, giving the illusion that your lips are bigger than they actually are. To contour your lips, apply a bronzer or darker neutral shade above and below your lip lines for instant volume.

5. Line the outer edge of your lips

Another widely used makeup trick for creating the illusion of larger lips is lining the outer ridge of your lips with a lip liner. Try to do this subtly so no one can tell.

6. Avoid dark lip colors

Darker lip hues tend to make thin lips appear thinner. They’re harder to apply. And they serve to flatten your mouth’s appearance, rather than making it look fuller.

7. Know that gloss is boss

Light, shimmery glosses make your lips appear plumper by creating a look of super-hydration. Look for peachy and rose pink shades.

8. Apply lip plumping products

Maybe you have a needle phobia or you’re tired of wasting time overdrawing your lips with liner. Like mint products, plumping products are a much easier and less time-consuming option. Just swipe, plump, go. For a temporary effect, try out lip products that tingle as they plump your lips.

9. Play up your Cupid’s bow

Apply highlighter to the middle of your upper lip line to reflect light there. This will give the illusion of fuller lips and can be used alongside contouring, too.

10. Layer your lipstick

Try applying a slightly darker lip gloss or lipstick to the middle of your lips, and line the outer edges in a slightly lighter hue. This creates volume and dimension.

Not just paying lip service to a fuller pucker

Full lips are irresistible. But where nature falls off there is always art — and science — to pick up the slack. Stock up on one or more of the above lip plumping products and you’ll have full, luscious lips on demand.

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