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11 Ways to Upgrade Your Tinder Profile

Matching with the right guys on Tinder and landing subsequent dates is all about how you present yourself. To ensure you’re putting your best face forward, here are eleven ways to upgrade your Tinder profile:

1. Let your personality shine

Add one point in your bio that really illustrates your personality. Mention details such as your favorite show, food, and music to give potential matches a better sense of who you are as a person. There’s no need to include where you work or live, your age, etc.

2. Be direct

Be direct about what you’re looking for — is it just a casual fling? Or do you want an LTR? List that directly in your profile.

3. Include an open-ended question

It can be challenging thinking of a conversation starter. Make it easier for potential matches by stating an open-ended question in your profile. Prompts such as, “What are your favorite weekend activities?” or “Which shows do you like to binge watch?” will definitely get replies.

4. Wear bright colors

To really stand out from the Tinder crowd, wear bright colors in your profile picture.

5. Include pictures featuring your hobbies

If you brunch every weekend, then feature a photo of you holding a mimosa. If you dig swimming, upload an image of you in your swimsuit in a pool.

6. Say no to sunglass selfies

Guys want to see your face! Plus, sunglass selfies can come across as being standoffish.

7. Turn on Smart Photos

This Tinder algorithm tests your top pics and places the one with the most swipes at the very front.

8. Don’t hide behind friends

Keep the pictures focused on you, not your friends. If you want potential matches to get a better sense of who you are, link your Instagram to your Tinder profile, and then add a Spotify Anthem.

9. Avoid the duck face selfie

Duck face selfies just make you look vain and self-obsessed — pose naturally!

10. Get checked

To really ensure you’re letting your true self shine through, have your friends look at your profile, and give you advice on what you should include.

11. Smile in your photos

Research shows that, if you’re smiling in your photo, you’re 20 percent more likely to be swiped right. Show off that you’re friendly and approachable.

It’s a match

When it comes to upgrading your Tinder profile, take the time to craft one that’s sincere, showcases your personality, and is straightforward. You should also smile in your photos, make sure to stand out from other profiles, and receive feedback from friends. Remember that, above all, always be honest.

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