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13 Dermatologist-Approved Tips for Achieving Your Skin Fitness Goals

How to maintain optimal skin health

“Skin fitness” is a term celebrated by celebrity dermatologist and Chief Medical Officer of LaserAway, Dr. Will Kirby. It’s all about preventing skin issues, like premature aging, a dull complexion, and acne, from developing in the first place.

There’s a lot you can do daily to help maintain optimal skin health. Here are 13 dermatologist-approved tips for achieving your skin fitness goals:

1. Always wear SPF

You’ve probably heard this many times. Over 90 percent of fine lines and wrinkles are caused by sun exposure. That’s why you should always wear an SPF of 50 or higher every single day, rain or shine.

2. Hydrate skin from the inside out and vice versa

The amount of water you drink daily doesn’t necessarily translate into proper skin hydration, but it is vital to overall skin health. That’s why you should also hydrate your skin from the outside in using serums, creams, and mists.

3. Avoid hot showers and baths

Using hot water to shower and bathe causes dry, itchy skin because it strips your skin of its natural moisturizing oils. Use only lukewarm or cold water when showering to protect the skin’s lipid barrier.

4. Use a retinoid

The second most important agent in your skin fitness routine should be a retinoid or retinol cream. Apply it at night right before bed to minimize fine lines and wrinkles, brighten skin tone, improve brown spots, and smooth out the skin.

5. Focus on the neck and chest, too

Many primarily focus on their faces, neglecting the neck and chest areas. But you should treat your neck and chest with the same products you use on your face, including sunscreen and moisturizer.

6. Change your pillowcases regularly

Over time, oil, dead skin cells, and dirt build up on your pillowcases, leading to clogged pores and blemishes. Be sure to change your pillowcases weekly to prevent breakouts.

7. Moisturize immediately after cleansing

Don’t wait to moisturize once your skin is dry. Apply moisturizer to wet skin to “seal in” the water.

8. Apply vaseline to hands and feet

Vaseline seals in the skin’s natural moisture by forming a protective barrier on its surface. Before going to bed, apply vaseline to hands and feet, and then place tube socks over them. You’ll wake up to ultra-soft skin.

9. Cover zits with a hydrocolloid dressing

Before bedtime, cover active blemishes with a hydrocolloid dressing that absorbs pus and oil, creating an acidic environment to prevent bacterial growth. It’ll reduce the size of zits overnight and will get rid of them within a few days.

10. Buy a humidifier

Humidifiers help to combat dry skin by restoring moisture to the air. That’s why you should invest in a humidifier and place it in your bedroom. Run it on full blast to increase the level of humidity. You’ll notice that your skin looks more glowing and dewier in the morning.

11. Look for skincare products that contain vitamin C

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals, which lead to premature aging. Look for skincare products that are formulated with vitamin C to help brighten skin.

12. Be consistent

If you want to maintain optimal skin fitness, it’s essential to commit to consistency. That means always wearing SPF 50+ during the day, using a moisturizer at night, sleeping with a humidifier on, and going to your dermatologist regularly.

13. Lightly exfoliate skin

You don’t need a facial brush to exfoliate your skin  while cleansing your skin, you can use a washcloth with moderate pressure for light exfoliation.

Bonus tip: Visit the professionals

No matter how well you take care of your skin at home, you’re still limited by technology. To take your skin fitness to the next level, schedule a free consultation with LaserAway to explore your aesthetic dermatological options, such as Clear + Brilliant, Botox, and IPL photo facials.

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