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4 Skin Treatments A-List Celebs Get Right Before Red Carpet Night

Though celebrities aim to make looking flawless seem effortless, they actually put in some serious prep work right before big red carpet events, like the Golden Globes and the Oscars. Curious to know more? Here are four skin treatments A-list celebs get right before red-carpet night:

1. HydraFacial

Big names like Kate Winslet and Amy Poehler reportedly love getting HydraFacials right before red carpet events. What’s a HydraFacial exactly? It’s a detailed, customized facial that has four steps. The first step involves deeply exfoliating skin to remove dull, dead skin cells. During steps two and three, two light glycolic and salicylic-acid based chemical peels are used, followed by pore extraction. Lastly, a hydrating serum is applied to the skin to help pump moisture back into the skin. The HydraFacial results in shiny, dewy, and glowing skin.

2. Clear + Brilliant

Drew Barrymore posted on Instagram last year just how much she loves Clear + Brilliant (and for good reasons, too). It’s a great non-invasive laser treatment if you don’t want a lot of downtime (who has time to hide away from the spotlight when you’re a celeb?), and results are pretty much immediate. Clear + Brilliant essentially creates millions of microscopic treatment zones within the skin that push out dead skin cells while increasing collagen and elastin production. A series of Clear + Brilliant treatments leave your skin looking more refreshed and youthful with a healthy, radiant glow.

3. Microdermabrasion

Many celebrities swear by getting microdermabrasion treatments weeks before big Hollywood red carpet events. A minimally invasive skin treatment, microdermabrasion improves overall skin tone and texture, reducing the appearance of sun damage, wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, and acne scarring. It uses fine crystals or a diamond tip to buff and polish the skin, loosening and vacuuming dead skin cells from the face. Celebrity facialist Gina Mai apparently offers stars head-to-toe microdermabrasion treatments, completing each treatment with LED light therapy.

4. Vampire Facial

While the name sounds scary, celebs, including Bar Refaeli, go crazy for this unconventional beauty treatment. It combines microdermabrasion, followed by an application of platelet-rich plasma that is harvested from the patient directly. Why plasma? It basically contains growth factors that help stimulate cell turnover. The plasma also increases collagen and elastin production deep within the skin. Downtime only involves one or two days of recovery before you can resume normal activities.

Look red carpet fab

It’s pretty evident that celebs go to great lengths to look totally fab come red carpet night. While you might hesitate to get a vampire facial (no one’s blaming you), many celebrity skin treatments are actually affordable and accessible, like Clear + Brilliant. Want more information about non-invasive skin treatments? Visit LaserAway, the nation’s leading aesthetic dermatology provider, here.

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