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4 Skincare Treatments to Pair Together for the Ultimate Glow Up

Refresh for spring with these four skin treatments

There’s nothing like a little spring cleaning and beauty overhaul, and the best way to get your skin in gear is by maximizing your treatments and appointments. Combining your services can save you time and enhance your results! So if you’re looking for a spring refresh, here are four skincare treatments to pair together for the ultimate glow-up:

1. Rejuvenate from the inside out

You already know Clear + Brilliant laser facials are the one treatment to rule them all, so it’s safe to say this is the top treatment to start with. These hardworking facials use fractional laser technology to target multiple concerns at once: tone and texture issues, early signs of aging, pores, sun damage, and acne scars. Consider this your glow-up kickstart and then continue to rocket your results with the below…

2. Age gracefully

Target existing fine lines and wrinkles and prevent new ones from forming with a neuromodulator, such as Botox or Xeomin. Neuromodulators work by relaxing your facial muscles and, when used in conjunction with Clear + Brilliant laser facials, help protect your rejuvenated look, taking your results to the next level.

3. Restore volume

Addressing volume loss in the lips and cheeks with a dermal filler can instantly refresh your overall look and result in a more youthful appearance. Gel fillers like Juvéderm and Revanesse use hyaluronic acid to smooth out the skin, providing tissue support, volume replacement, and increased hydration. This makes them the perfect complement to neuromodulators.

4. Get glowing

Fire + Ice laser facials make for the perfect final step, as they provide an immediate boost that leaves you glowing. While Clear + Brilliant helps to resurface the skin, Fire + Ice is the icing on the cake to tighten and brighten with instant results.

Sometimes, more is more

Great skin is about putting in the work, but we can all agree you should be working smarter, not harder! With a little education on treatment pairing and complimentary skincare services, you can maximize your results this season, and save yourself time in the next.

Ready to see what treatment pairings can do for you? Check out LaserAway, the nation’s leading aesthetic dermatology provider, where you can speak with a treatment specialist regarding your skin fitness goals.

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