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BY: Khalid El Khatib

5 Skincare Tips for Big Trips

The best travel skincare tips

With summer around the corner and warmer temperatures hitting much of the country earlier than ever, it’s almost vacation season. Whether you’re traveling by air, land, or sea, one of the most frustrating parts of travel is packing – and there’s nothing worse than having to be selective about your skincare thanks to TSA regulations or limited suitcase space. The reality is that your skin can take a bit of a break from your multi-step skincare routine so long as you prioritize what’s most important and follow a few tips for staying skin-fit while on the road.

Here are some suggestions for ensuring you glow before, during, and after your next big vacation, no matter where you’re headed!

1. Pack sunscreen

Are you heading somewhere warm? Somewhere cold? Somewhere with an unpredictable climate? Pack sunscreen, pack sunscreen, pack sunscreen. You need to be wearing sunscreen whenever you leave the house but that’s especially true if you’re hitting the beach or the slopes. Not only will the application of sunscreen during the day protect your skin and ensure you look better every evening, but it will also prevent your vacation from being ruined by a terrible sunburn: a temporary annoyance that can have lasting damage. Dermatologists recommend the daily application of sunscreen with a SPF of 30 or higher and don’t forget to reapply multiple times per day – especially if you’re sweating or getting wet.

2. Keep up with your water intake

Did you know that over 60% of our skin is made from water? When skin is dehydrated, it can feel itchy and uncomfortable, and it can look bad! Hydrating is one of the easiest and least inexpensive ways to ensure your skin glows. And it’s especially important when traveling. Airplane cabins are amongst the driest and harshest environments you can subject your skin to, and trains and buses aren’t much better. You should double your normal water intake when you’re traveling, and some studies show that increasing water intake can be a powerful method for combatting jet lag. Bonus: if you are traveling to a climate that’s especially dry, try packing a portable humidifier which is inexpensive and small enough to fit into a carry-on easily.

3. Wearing a moisturizing mask during or immediately after travel

Per the above, no matter how you’re getting to your destination, you’re bound to encounter some dryness on your mode of transportation. Beyond drinking water, you can and should hydrate the skin directly with a sheet mask (or the equivalent) specially formulated to quench your skin’s thirst. Look for ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and fruit-based antioxidants. The best approach here is to wash your face immediately after getting off the plane and apply the mask. Brave souls can also wear a mask on the plane!

4. Wash your face daily with cold water and a gentle cleanser

Sure, this sounds straightforward, but when you break one routine for vacation, it’s easy to break all of your routines, including washing your face. Not only will washing your face at night (at least) wash off whatever you got up to over the course of the way, but it’s also critical for taking off the layers of sunscreen you were diligently wearing. Best to wash with cold water and a gentle cleanser (double cleanse if your sunscreen or make-up is particularly intense), and whatever you do, avoid the hotel bar soap; it’ll just dry you out!

5. Pack travel-sized skincare strategically

Do you remember your parents telling you to pack only what you need? The same can be said for skincare. While most products come in travel-sized packaging, you can also purchase containers that meet TSA regulations (just make sure they are super leak-proof!). Skipping your serum for a week will be fine, so focus on what’s most critical: a gentle cleanser, sunscreen, and moisturizer. If you miss the dewiness that came with layering on serums, opt instead for a balm stick made with something like coconut oil which is gentle, provides immediate dewiness, and takes up as much space as a chapstick.

Khalid El Khatib is a Brooklyn-based writer and marketer who tweets too much.

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