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5 Spots You’ll Want Hairless For Summer

Summer body hair prep

Spring is here. That means summer’s right around the corner. Soon enough you’ll be stripping down to your lightest and shortest layers. Summer prep begins with great skin — and for many, that means trimming some winter growth. These are the five spots you should focus on:

1. The face

You can grow hair on your chin, around your mouth, on your cheeks, and above your eyes. Assess any areas that may need a trim or strays that need to be removed.

PS: Don’t forget the eyebrows, as their shape can totally change the look of your face!

2. The bikini line

Women and men alike may want to groom this area, especially during the spring and summer months. To help you prepare this sensitive area for swim and shorts season, leave it to the pros and opt for bikini or Brazilian hair removal services.

3. The legs

A longtime hot spot for hair removal, many of us prefer silky smooth legs when you’re sporting shorts, dresses, or skirts.

4. Your armpits

With tank tops, heat, and sweat on the horizon, hair-free underarms are likely to top of mind.

5. The chest and back

Whether you’re a swimmer, athlete or just prefer a clean smooth look, then you’ll want to tackle these remaining areas as well.

Laser hair removal delivers permanent results

There’s plenty of options for removing hair in the top five areas above, but the only way to achieve permanent hair reduction with just a few treatments is laser hair removal. This noninvasive and fast experience leaves your skin softer and smoother. This spring and summer say goodbye to time-consuming painful shaving and waxing.

LaserAway for all your hair removal needs

LaserAway proudly offers many highly effective laser and dermatological services. We hire only highly trained staff who are experienced and certified in administering laser and other dermatological procedures. And we use only innovative techniques and cutting-edge laser technology. We aim to make your experience comfortable, enjoyable, and satisfying. Want to learn more about laser hair removal? Then schedule a free, no-obligation consultation today at

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