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7 Bad Skincare Habits You’ve Gotta Break in 2021

Kick these bad skincare habits in 2021

Yes, 2020 has been a rough year filled with stress and uncertainty where you’ve probably developed less than ideal grooming habits. When it comes to many skin issues, a bad habit is often the root cause. Commit to breaking these seven bad habits for good in 2021 to achieve impeccable skin:

1. Popping your pimples

The act of squeezing a pimple can truly feel exhilarating. But, it can also lead to scar tissue and pigmentation. Instead, use skincare products that help you clear your pores, such as exfoliators and salicylic acid. Hydrocolloid patches are also great to use because they help absorb oil and pus from breakouts.

2. Exfoliating too much

While regular exfoliation is important for maintaining soft, radiant skin, it’s definitely possible to overdo it. Exfoliating too often can lead to red, dry, and irritated skin. It can also cause your skin to over-produce oil to compensate for the moisture lost, which can trigger breakouts. Use an exfoliating scrub once or twice a week or opt for gentler acid-based exfoliators like AHAs and BHAs.

3. Forgetting to wash your face before going to bed

We’ve all done it before — after a night out (or even a night in front of the couch, a la 2020), you forgot (or are too lazy) to wash off your makeup before bed. This can mean bad news for your skin, clogging pores, and causing irritation. You can avoid this bad habit by keeping some makeup wipes on your bedside table just in case.

4. Not wearing SPF every day

Even if you’re not spending a ton of time outside, if the sun is shining through your window, you need to wear SPF to avoid incidental sun exposure. Look for an SPF with 50 or higher, such as LaserAway Beauty BFF SPF 50+ Broad Spectrum Sunscreen Tinted Color Corrector that is fragrance-free, hydrating, and anti-oxidant rich.

5. Taking hot showers

Yes, hot showers feel super good. But, the extreme temperature can dry out your skin and make it more sensitive. Hot water can also worsen inflamed areas where you have breakouts or rosacea. Instead, use a lukewarm to cool temperature.

6. Touching your face nonstop

You’ve probably noticed that you’re touching your face more often on all those Zoom calls. That constant touching, however, can be contributing to all those breakouts. Why? Because the hand cream or hand sanitizer on your hand could irritate the face and clog pores.

7. Overloading your skin with products

Piling on your favorite skincare products can feel ultra-luxurious, but using too many products can lead to an allergic reaction, and they might not work because they may cancel each other out. Rather than using 20 different skincare products, try cutting down to five of your favorite ones. What should definitely be in your arsenal? At the very least, a tried and true moisturizer, such as LaserAway Beauty Drenched Peptide Enriched Moisturizer.

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