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A Complete Guide to Laser Hair Removal for the Bikini Area

Everything you need to know about laser for bikini hair removal

Beach season is upon us, and it’s time to think about how you plan to prepare for it when it comes to your bikini area. We all know that body hair is completely natural, and how it’s groomed is a personal choice. However, if you like things neat and tidy when it comes to permanent hair removal solutions, there’s only one answer: laser! We’ve created a complete guide to laser hair removal for the bikini area.

How does laser hair removal for the bikini area work?

Bikini area laser hair removal works the same as any laser hair removal on other parts of the body, utilizing fast laser light pulses to destroy the hair follicles. The laser travels deep into the skin, selectively destroying both the hair bulb and follicular stem cells so that, unlike with waxing or shaving, the hair doesn’t grow back. Most patients require 6-8 treatments spaced 6-8 weeks apart.

What’s the difference between standard bikini and full Brazilian laser hair removal?

When it comes to removing hair “down there,” you’ve got options. You can opt for standard bikini line laser hair removal or go all out with a full Brazilian. With the standard bikini, lasers target hair only in the areas that peek out of your swimsuit, or hair in areas underneath your swimsuit line can also be targeted. Bikini laser hair removal typically covers up to two inches outside the bikini line, including the sides.

Want more hair removed? If you desire to go “all the way,” consider getting full Brazilian laser hair removal. This style of laser hair removal usually covers up to two inches outside of the bikini area (top and sides) plus the entire bikini area, including the front, labia, perineum, peri-anal area, and inner buttocks. You can also choose to keep some hair and get a customized Brazilian (i.e., the “landing strip”) — totally your choice!

How long does laser bikini hair removal last?

Laser hair removal can permanently reduce up to 80% of unwanted hair with a series of treatments and can be maintained with touch-up appointments. The need for these varies depending on the individual, from every few months to once a year.

How safe is bikini laser hair removal, and does it hurt?

Laser hair removal on the bikini area is completely safe and works on all skin types. While pain tolerance varies depending on your hair density and thickness, most patients describe it as a very tolerable prickling sensation that’s tolerable.

How do I prepare for bikini laser hair removal?

Six weeks before treatment, you’ll want to discontinue waxing, hair removal creams or chemicals, tweezing, and electrolysis, as well as bleaching.

Two weeks before treatment, you’ll want to avoid incidental or direct sun, tanning beds, spray-tans, and self-tanners. In the meantime, use sunblock (with at least SPF 30!) and protective clothing, like cover-up shorts over your swimsuit.

Three days before treatment, you’ll want to stop using any topical prescription products on areas being treated with the laser if they are causing any irritation like flaking and redness.

And finally, the day before treatment, you’ll want to shave the area being treated. Don’t forget to use a clean, sharp razor and a thin layer of moisturizing shaving cream.

The naked truth

Laser hair removal in the bikini area is definitely a journey, but if you like the hair-free look, then you’ll love the destination, and you’ll save time, energy, and money along the way. Want to learn more about your laser hair removal options? Check out LaserAway, the nation’s leading aesthetic dermatological provider, where all treatments are performed by registered nurses, nurse practitioners, and physician associates, so you know you’re in good hands!

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