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4 Benefits of Getting Laser Treatments During the Fall

Why you should get laser treatments starting in the fall

A common misconception is that summer is the ideal time to get laser treatments since you’ll be showing off your skin more. While getting laser treatments is safe year-round, many skin experts agree that fall and winter are actually the best times to undergo laser treatments. Why’s that? There are several distinct benefits to getting laser treatments starting in the fall, including:

1. Less sun exposure

After laser treatments, like laser hair removal and Clear + Brilliant, your skin might be more sensitive. But because you’re less likely to be out in the sun during the fall months, the recovery process will be easier and faster. There are also fewer side effects as a result of sun exposure, such as hyperpigmentation. In addition, treatments like laser hair removal and IPL photo facials work best when there is higher contrast between your skin tone and the target (hair follicles, sun spots), so your skin is in optimal condition during the fall/winter months.

2. Easier to relax

Depending on the type of laser treatment you get, such as laser tattoo removal, you might be instructed to rest for a few days. This means you’ll need to refrain from intense exercising, spending time in the sun, swimming, and other activities, as well as heat. Many people find it easier to rest and avoid outdoor activities during the fall and winter months.

3. Achieve results by spring

Whether you’re getting laser hair removal or Clear + Brilliant, you will likely need multiple treatments over the course of many months. If you start your treatments in the fall, there’s a good chance your skin will be healed, and the desired results will be achieved by the time spring rolls around.

4. Wipe away sun damage

If you soaked up the sun a little too much this summer, then starting energy-based treatments, like Clear + Brilliant and IPL photo facials, in the fall can help to reduce the appearance of UV-induced dark spots, fine lines, and wrinkles. After a series of treatments, your skin will be in tip-top shape just in time for next spring and summer!

Fall marks the start of laser season

When it comes to achieving your aesthetic goals, many different laser treatments can help! Always go to a trusted and experienced aesthetic dermatology provider, such as LaserAway, where you can get a free comprehensive consultation from a treatment specialist.

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