How to Shave Your Bikini Line the Right WayYour guide to shaving down there

There's no denying that body hair is a distinctly personal choice. But whether you're team bush, team bare, or anything in between, it's vital to know the right way to use a razor down there. After all, even if you've made the life-changing switch to laser, you're still shaving between appointments or a couple of times a year for those remaining stray hairs. Here's how to shave your bikini line the right way, so you can avoid irritation, ingrown hairs, and otherwise angry skin...

1. Use a bikini razor

A great shave starts with the right tool, and for the bikini area, that means using a bikini razor. You want a sharp razor, either a heavy single blade or a multi-blade with soothing strips to easily glide across the skin without tugging, which leads to irritation. And if public hair is long, you'll want to trim it before you go right in with the razor.

2. Prep skin to prevent ingrown hairs

Soaking the skin and using a gentle exfoliant will help to remove dead skin and product buildup for a clean path to smooth. You don't want your razor pushing all that gunk into your pores.

3. Use shaving cream

...or a gel, oil, etc. You want anything that acts as a buffer between your bare skin and a blade.

4. Shave in the right direction

The skin in the pubic region is delicate, and the hair is thick, so it's important to shave with short strokes in the direction of growth. Going against the grain increases your odds of knicks and bumps.

5. Treat the skin after shaving

Directly after shaving, you'll want to soothe the skin and calm any post-razor irritation. From cold compresses to anti-inflammatory serums, this post-shave step can make a huge difference.

6. Don't forget to moisturize

Adding moisture back into the skin barrier after stepping out of the shower is a no-brainer for smooth, hydrated skin, but a moisturizer with Vitamin E, aloe, or jojoba oil can provide an extra layer of protection from irritation.

Stay smooth, stay safe

Whether shaving is a constant in your life or a less-often occasion, one thing's for certain: irritation leaves a lasting impression. To avoid discomfort and ensure your health and safety, use a razor that is fresh and clean, toss disposables or switch out your blades regularly and take the time to pre- and post-treat. It may feel extra, but shaving the right way now saves your skin in the long run!

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