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Why You Should Kick Off the New Year with Clear + Brilliant

6 reasons to get Clear + Brilliant in 2022

Do you want to begin the New Year with healthy, glowing skin? Then you should get Clear + Brilliant treatments. A gentle fractional laser that refreshes the skin from the inside out, Clear + Brilliant encourages new collagen growth, brightening dull skin tone, smoothing uneven texture, and shrinking large pores.

Interested to learn more? Here are six reasons you should kick off 2022 with Clear + Brilliant treatments:

1. They improve skin tone and texture

Clear + Brilliant treatments improve the visible signs of aging by stimulating the natural production of collagen and hyaluronic acid deep within the skin. This reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well as pore size, improving skin tone and texture.

2. There’s little-to-no downtime

Since Clear + Brilliant uses a gentle minimally-invasive laser, there is virtually little-to-no downtime after treatment. The most common side effects include temporary slight redness and swelling as well as some mild discomfort. And, in most cases, you can resume your normal activities immediately following treatment.

3. They reverse sun damage

Do you have lingering sun damage from the summertime? Clear + Brilliant can undo all that damage. How? By creating millions of microscopic treatment zones, replacing damaged skin with healthy, new tissue. Clear + Brilliant also treats pigmentation issues resulting from sun exposure, including sunspots and melasma.

4. Skincare products work better

Clear + Brilliant’s laser technology exfoliates away old, dead skin cells to reveal smoother, more even skin. It also enhances the skin’s permeability by creating greater surface disruption. This means that your skincare products are able to penetrate the skin deeper, increasing all of their benefits.

5. They’re safe for all skin types and tones

Clear + Brilliant is safe and effective for all skin types and tones. It works best on younger patients with fine lines and wrinkles, rough and uneven skin texture, large pores, and hyperpigmentation who want to reverse the early signs of aging. Clear + Brilliant treatments also pair well with other aesthetic dermatological treatments like Botox and Juvéderm for total facial rejuvenation.

6. There are three different treatment options to choose from

Clear + Brilliant now offers three different treatment options to help you meet your skincare goals. The original Clear + Brilliant, which uses a 1440-nanometer wavelength laser, focuses on skin texture, smoothing out your skin, reducing the appearance of pores, boosting collagen, and diminishing fine lines. Clear + Brilliant Perméa uses a 1927-nanometer wavelength laser, primarily addressing color issues, such as hyperpigmentation and melasma. You also have the option of reaping all of the benefits of both Clear + Brilliant Original and Perméa with Clear + Brilliant Complete to improve skin’s overall appearance in one go.

Ring in the New Year with a new you

Make the resolution to care for your skin this year by following a well-rounded skin fitness regimen that involves using high-quality skincare products consistently and getting aesthetic dermatological treatments like Clear + Brilliant regularly. Remember that it’s easier to prevent skin issues from developing in the first place than it is to treat already existing ones, which is why it’s important to be proactive about your skincare starting now.

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