How and why you should be paring down your beauty routine

Spring cleaning isn't just for your home. You should also spring clean your cosmetics and skincare products at least once a year — toss out any products that are expired and whichever ones you don't use.

Watch Dr. Will Kirby, Chief Medical Officer at LaserAway, go through and purge LaserAway Director of Medical Operations Tiffany Kim's bathroom of unnecessary beauty and skincare products and then give the lowdown on which ones you actually need. You'll be shocked by how many products are just a waste of time and money!

Which products should you be eliminating?

1. Expired products

Your first step should be checking for expiration dates. Skincare and cosmetics list these for a reason, and you don't want to be putting anything old or inactive on your face. Check the bottom or back of your product— anything that's past its prime is an automatic toss.

2. Unused products

From free samples to items you've just completely forgotten about, it's easy to rack up a product graveyard. Anything that you've been holding onto that hasn't been used in a year should go. As Dr. Kirby says, "If you don't really like it, why do you own it?"

3. Harsh or ineffective products

You'll also want to get rid of anything too harsh or inefficient. Dr. Kirby gave Tiffany's face scrub the boot because its granular formula can actually do more harm than good. He also tossed her tools because they're not essential and are simply taking up space. Why keep what isn't working for you?

4. Product multiples

If you have multiple products in the same category, you've definitely got products to lose. Pick the most efficient one of the bunch to best streamline your regimen and get rid of any extras.

Optimal skin fitness begins with a few simple high-quality skincare products

To achieve ultimate skin fitness, it's important that you follow a solid skincare routine that incorporates a few basic high-quality products. The LaserAway Beauty Skincare Line, developed by Dr. Will Kirby and other leading dermatologists, only uses ingredients scientifically proven to improve skin health along with its patented Intelligent Delivery System to maximize ingredient efficacy. The result? Glowy, smooth, and ultra-soft skin 24/7!

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