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How Pregnancy Changes Your Beauty Routine

Pregnancy and beauty: Your routine by trimester

Your body is going through some seriously major changes, from morning sickness to hyperpigmentation to swollen ankles. This means you may want to reevaluate your beauty regimen, such as avoiding certain ingredients, using specific skincare products for pregnancy-related skin changes, and making lifestyle changes. Read on to learn about the changes you can expect during each trimester and how to adapt your beauty routine.

The first trimester

This time in your pregnancy is inevitably tricky. Some women find themselves feeling morning sick, while others hardly feel any sort of significant change. Regardless of how you’re feeling, for most women, this is a sensitive time as they haven’t told many people they’re pregnant. In between your afternoon naps, it can also be a great time to reset and establish new habits, such as moisturizing your belly and breasts, extra sun protection to prevent melasma (even in the darker months), and prenatal workout classes or massages. It’s also the most essential time to stay away from hazardous toxins, as the fetus’ early neurological development is in full swing. There are many things that are safer later in pregnancy (hello, Caffè Americano!) that perhaps aren’t the best ideas right now, so try to give yourself small indulgences when you can. As for makeup, this is a time when you might experience more under-eye circles or hormonally charged acne outbreaks than usual. The best thing you can do is give your body the rest, hydration, and TLC it so desires.

The second trimester

It’s around this time that most people finally begin to look pregnant. How exciting! What this also means is that you may finally achieve that famed “pregnancy glow” due to a significant increase in blood volume. Because of this, you may want and need less makeup than before (how’s that for a win?). Your belly is growing, so continue to pay special attention to your skin and keep on moisturizing. Your skin is in full-stretch mode and needs all the extra help with elasticity that it can get. You might also find that your hair is more lustrous than ever before. Revel in this glowing, pregnant version of yourself.

The third trimester

So you’re starting to feel big…like so big you’re actually uncomfortable (or maybe you feel great—it’s anyone’s guess!). Regardless, your body has a lot going on. Again, skincare is essential, so stay vigilant with the moisturizer. With your organs crammed together, you might not be able to eat very much at one time, so even though the baby is pretty developed at this point, continue to make sure that whatever you’re eating is nutritious. Staying on top of your water intake is also super important to keep your blood pressure up. Drink lots of it. In the final weeks of pregnancy, your feet can get very swollen. Avoid tight socks or stockings, keep yourself moving with pregnancy-safe activities such as walking, and be sure to put your feet up.

Blair Smith is a lifestyle and beauty writer who currently resides (and will likely stay forever) in Brooklyn, New York.

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