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Make These 5 Skincare Changes This Spring

How to update your spring beauty routine

Spring officially begins on March 20! You know what they say — new season, new skincare regimen. There’s no better time than the present to start prepping your complexion for rising temps, endless sunshine, and sticky humidity. Need some advice? Here are five skincare changes you should make this spring:

1. Exfoliate three times a week

During the wintertime, the skin is drier and dead skin cells build-up faster. That’s why it’s crucial to begin exfoliating more often once spring rolls around. Light microdermabrasion three times a week, followed by a moisturizing mask, will help get rid of old, gross winter skin. You’ll be able to welcome spring with a fresh, dewy glow.

2. Change up your moisturizer

Since winter air dries out the skin, you’ve probably been applying thick creams and serums to help fight off the cold, nasty weather. Come spring, it’s time to swap your ultra-hydrating winter moisturizers for lighter lotions. This is because certain products can weigh your skin down, causing greasiness and unsightly breakouts. Choose an oil-free moisturizer that contains antioxidants and sunscreen to protect skin without kickstarting excessive oil production.

3. Apply sunscreen religiously

While you should always wear sunscreen regardless of the weather and season (which you’ve been doing, right?!?), it’s especially important to apply and reapply sunscreen during springtime, as the sun finally comes out and temps rise. Believe it or not, spring is a high-risk time for sunburns and sun damage. Be sure to apply sunscreen every morning and reapply it again before any outdoor activity during the day. Look for sunscreens that protect against both UVA/UVB rays and are formulated with clear zinc oxide.

4. Use an eye cream

If you don’t already use an eye cream, start incorporating one into your daily skincare routine ASAP. Since the sun is more prominent in the spring, people are more prone to squinting. To counteract fine lines and wrinkles that can form around the eyes, find an eye cream that contains a high amount of antioxidants and peptides. This will help to combat free radicals and minimize the appearance of already existing fine lines and wrinkles.

5. Wear makeup that provides protection

As long as you’ll be spending more time outdoors, wear makeup that offers even coverage and protection. Choose BB creams with tint, SPF, and antioxidants. But, remember that the SPF in makeup is no substitute for real sunscreen.

New season, new skin

Welcome spring with a fresh, dewy complexion that glows. Be sure to revamp your skincare routine by choosing beauty and skincare products that are not only lighter, but offer protection against the sun’s harmful rays. And don’t forget to exfoliate, too!

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