The complete guide to manscaping by body area

Looking to improve (or even begin) your manscaping routine? The fact of the matter is that grooming is an art—and there are right and wrong ways to approach hair trimming and removal, depending on the body part in question. What is safe for one area might be harmful when used on another. What's the best way to approach men's grooming by body area? Read on for a complete guide of how to manscape properly.

Chest hair

Most experts agree that you should never shave your chest hair. Not only will you have to shave it almost every day to maintain the smoothness, but you can easily get ingrown hairs and razor bumps. Similarly, waxing is often too painful and results in an acne breakout, so you should steer clear of that as well.

If you're content with your chest hair and want to keep it short but flexible, then you should manage its length by using a full-body groomer, which is different from a beard groomer. Unlike beard groomers, body groomers have specific attachments that make it easier to reach places that are difficult to see without a mirror. Looking for a top of the line body groomer? Check out this one.


If you want to get rid of shoulder hair completely, avoid shaving at all costs. Instead, use a body trimmer. This is because your shoulders are susceptible to breakouts. Use the trimmer on the lowest setting possible and go against the grain with it.


With the front of your neck, you should shave or trim it whenever you clean up your facial hair. You can use an electric razor on this area just like you would your face.

The back of the neck is different. Since it's harder to reach by yourself, you should visit a barber who can help clean up the area in between haircuts.


It's best to use a body groomer to trim a hairy back since it breaks out easily. You can either ask a friend or partner to help you, or you might be able to do it on your own.

If you want absolutely no back hair, you can either get the area waxed or use a hair removal cream. But both of these options only provide temporary results. If you're looking for long-lasting results, you should consider laser hair removal, which results in a permanent reduction of unwanted hair after a series of treatments.

Legs and arms

The skin on the arms and legs is less sensitive than the skin on other areas of your body. Feel free to either shave, trim, wax, or use a hair removal cream on these body parts.


Don't shave or wax your butt because the skin is so sensitive in that area, and it can lead to raw, sore skin. Instead, get the area professionally waxed. Again, waxing only produces temporary results that last a few weeks. If you're looking for a hair removal method that results in permanent hair reduction, so you never have to worry about those sensitive areas again, laser hair removal is probably your best bet.

Genital region

Whatever you do, don't shave your genital region. It's far too sensitive. Either use a body trimmer or a hair removal cream to remove unwanted hair. If you want to trim or shave ball hair, don't use a razor or hair removal cream. Instead, use a more detailed head on your body trimmer. The trimmer should never touch the skin.

Similar to your butt, because the genital region is so sensitive, you should consider laser hair removal treatments so that you don't have to trim unwanted hair in that area continually.

What if you want to get rid of body hair permanently?

It is super hard to shave your own back or butt, especially if you don't have a partner who can help you. But, if you want to get rid of unwanted body hair permanently, only laser hair removal offers permanent hair reduction, meaning you'll save the time, money and discomfort that come with razors and waxing. Best of all, laser hair removal can be used almost anywhere on the body. Ditch the body trimmers and learn more about laser hair removal options by visiting LaserAway, the nation's leading laser hair removal experts, here.

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