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The Best Cosmetic Treatments to Get During Summer

These summer treatments will keep you looking your best and don’t require significant downtime

If you’re like us, you’re looking to make the most of your summer season. And that means doing all the things…BBQs, parties, travel. You don’t want to miss out on anything, including the treatments that keep you looking your best along the way. Here are the best cosmetic treatments to get during summer that don’t require significant downtime or sun avoidance.

1. Botox or Xeomin

Fear not — you can smooth away wrinkles and fine lines with Botox or Xeomin today and kick it at the beach tomorrow. While it takes a few days for your neuromodulators to settle, as long as you’re avoiding lying down or strenuous exercise immediately after your treatment, you’re golden.

2. Juvéderm or Revanesse

The same goes for filler. If you want to hydrate and add volume, you can say hello to the lips or cheekbones you’re looking for, just in time for all those photo ops! Dermal fillers like Juvéderm or Revanesse produce instant results and have minimal downtime.

3. CoolSculpting

The great thing about CoolSculpting is that it permanently reduces up to 25% of fat cells in the treated area by using non-invasive, nonsurgical cooling technology. So you can treat now and head out to your next event with minimal downtime. Just avoid high heat or vigorous exercise immediately after your treatment.

4. BONUS: At-home skincare

When it’s summertime, and you’re on the go, don’t forget to take your skin care regimen with you! To keep your skin looking its best all season long, implement a gentle, nourishing skincare routine that you can take anywhere. Treat skin to a balanced rotation of retinol for cell turnover, vitamin C and hydroquinone for brightening, a nutrient-rich mask for hydration, and a moisturizer enriched with peptides. A solid self-care regimen will keep your skin fitness on point while still allowing you to enjoy some sun—just don’t forget the SPF!

Get the most out of your summer

From injectables to body contouring to an active skincare routine, there’s plenty you can do during the summer months to keep you looking and feeling your best! If you’ve got vacay plans, picnics, or more on the calendar, maximize your summer season with these minimally invasive, yet effective, cosmetic treatments.

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