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The Secret Beauty Benefits of Vaseline

The secret beauty weapon you already have in the cabinet

On the market for over 150 years, Vaseline’s truly a miracle substance. Petroleum jelly has some seriously life-changing beauty uses — seriously, you can use it for just about everything. As an oil-based emollient, Vaseline is extra strong in protecting and smoothing rough, dry skin, replacing lipids by filling gaps between skin cells. The result? Unbelievably hydrated skin.

Vaseline gives you an instant beauty boost

It heals skin that has been driven to extremes

Vaseline works wonders on dry, cracked feet. All you need is a jar of it and a pair of old socks. You’ll want to smooth a layer of ointment all over your feet, and then put some socks on before going to bed. The oils in petroleum jelly help seal in moisture, staying on the surface of the feet for way longer than other water–based lotions. When you wake up in the morning, you should notice that your feet are softer and the cracks are gone.

Vaseline also softens hands. Its oils seal in moisture, and this protects and restores your skin. Apply Vaseline liberally on your hands before bed time and cover them with cotton gloves. In the morning, you’ll notice that your hands are luxuriously soft.

Lastly, Vaseline soothes and repairs sunburned skin by locking in moisture and preventing peeling. Slather up and sleep in sweats to quench hot, dehydrated skin.

It helps your face make an about-face

Vaseline makes an excellent facial moisturizer. This is because, again, it’s an emollient. It can help to soothe dry, flaky skin and can even reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Apply Vaseline to your face at night and in the morning it’ll be silky smooth. Best of all, Vaseline is non-comedogenic. This means it won’t clog pores.

Vaseline is a go-to cosmetic accessory. You can use it to highlight your cheekbones by dabbing a little bit of it on your cheekbones for a dewy finish. You can also define your eyelashes by applying Vaseline to the area. This will lengthen and volumize them.

Obviously, Vaseline also moisturizes your lips. Just apply it as you would lip balm for extra moisturizing. In winter, apply Vaseline before bed and you’ll wake up to totally kissable, soft lips!

It brings flair back to your eyebrows and hair

For flawless eyebrows dot some Vaseline on a clean mascara wand and sweep across brows in one direction, from inside to out to style and set them.

And you can use Vaseline to mend split ends and flyaway. All you have to do is coat the ends of your hair to hide dryness, frizz, even cowlicks. A little Vaseline goes a long way  too much petroleum jelly will leave you with flat, greasy-looking hair. Vaseline also washes out easily with clarifying shampoo.

The slickest trick in your beauty regimen

Wonderfully versatile, Vaseline should have a place of pride on every busy girl’s makeup table. It’s the beauty basic you can pretty much always find somewhere in the house. Its simple but effective ingredients help you meet a whole host of appearance issues with speed and ease. With Vaseline as your beauty BFF, your best look is sure to never slip.

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