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What Happens When You Get Laser Hair Removal?

What to expect from laser hair removal

You’ve heard laser hair removal is a godsend. After all, it permanently reduces body and facial hair and can save you tons of time (and money!) over a lifetime. But it’s important to understand the full laser hair removal process to manage expectations. Let’s break down what happens when you get laser hair removal:

The laser hair removal timeline

Laser hair removal is not a one-and-done treatment. For maximum results, it requires six to eight treatments, each spaced six to eight weeks apart. (Note: Facial hair is affected by hormones and grows faster, requiring more sessions at shorter intervals). The process is purposely spaced this way to account for the full hair growth cycle: Anagen (active stage), Catagen (short transitional phase between the Anagen and Telogen), and Telogen (resting phase preparing to reset into the Anagen stage). These phases all occur simultaneously, so targeting hair in the active stage means hair in the other phases lives on.

Here’s what you can expect along the way…

7-10 days after your treatment

About 10-15% of the hair in the treated area that was in the active growth stage during your treatment will begin to fall out.

5-6 weeks after your treatment

The hair that was not in the growth stage before treatment and that wasn’t completely destroyed begins to grow out. Your next treatment will target this hair.

With each progressive treatment

More hair in the active growth stage is targeted and permanently removed. At this point, more and more of your hair will stop growing back altogether.

After a series of treatments

Up to 80% of unwanted hair is permanently removed by the end of a series of sessions. Any hair that remains is softer, finer, less noticeable, and slower to grow back. The skin in the treated area is also smoother and softer. Any need for shaving or waxing is minimal, but the amount of hair left over after a series varies from person to person. This is due to variations in hair density and hair type, as well as overall adherence to pre-care instructions (i.e., avoiding the sun) and treatment spacing guidelines. You may opt for touch-up treatments to stay as smooth as possible.

Trust the process

Laser hair removal permanently reduces unwanted hair with each treatment and works on all skin types. With a little patience and the right laser hair removal device and treatment plan, you’ll be able to ditch the wax and retire the razor to the medicine cabinet for lengths on end. Ready to make your hair-free and carefree dreams come true? Schedule a free consultation at today.

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