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What the Heck is Skin Gritting? And is it Safe?

What’s the deal with skin gritting?

Skin gritting, the newest  and weirdest  beauty trend that’s taken over the Reddit skincare community, has now spread across the internet. While some people claim skin gritting is the ultimate DIY blackhead removal treatment, some dermatologists aren’t entirely convinced.

What is skin gritting? It’s an at-home beauty technique that involves first massaging your face with oil, then applying a clay mask, and lastly massaging your skin with oil again. This results in black bumps being removed from the skin, which many believe to be blackheads.

Is skin gritting legit?

Dermatologists don’t think so. Many dermatologists and other skincare experts say that the resulting black bumps that are dislodged after skin gritting are just dead skin buildup  not actual blackheads. While skin gritting isn’t necessarily harmful to the skin when done in moderation, the type of oil used can actually make skin issues worse. For instance, using coconut oil on your skin might result in even more clogged pores.

However, if you do skin gritting too often or massage your skin too hard or for too long, you can actually cause some serious damage resulting in broken capillaries, micro-cuts in your skin, and inflammation.

Get rid of blackheads the safe and easy way

The verdict’s out  you’re better off staying away from the latest skin gritting fad. If you actually want to remove unsightly blackheads, do it the right way following these pro tips:

1. Try salicylic acid

Apply salicylic acid gel on your blackheads. It’ll dissolve them. Make sure to use a leave-on product rather than a cleanser or soap. You’ll notice results after a few weeks.

2. Exfoliate

Use an enzymatic exfoliator at least two times a week. Look for facial masks that contain papaya, charcoal, pineapple extract, or clay that’ll wash away surface skin cells.

3. Get a microneedling treatment

Certain lasers that are low-energy and low-density, like Clear + Brilliant heat the deeper layers of skin without damaging the top layer. This will shrink your pores, minimizing the appearance of blackheads.

4. Use pore strips

Pore strips that you can buy at the drug store can immediately remove both unwanted whiteheads and blackheads. Use them once a week on your chin, nose, and forehead.

5. Buy a retinol

It clears clogged pores and prevents blackheads from forming. Retinol improves the way skin grows and sheds, resulting in clearer skin. You might notice some skin peeling for the first few weeks of use, but this is normal.

6. Go for microdermabrasion

This is a professional method of exfoliating the skin, which helps improve the skin’s texture and appearance.

7. Use the right facial cleanser

Wash your face using a cleanser containing salicylic acid that helps to unclog pores. It’ll also prevent blackheads from forming.

8. Incorporate a mechanized brush into your beauty routine

These types of facial brushes loosen up whiteheads and blackheads faster, especially when they’re used with salicylic acid facial cleansers.

Pass on skin gritting for good

While every woman wants clear, smooth skin, you shouldn’t go to great extremes to try to get rid of blackheads. There is no evidence behind skin gritting to prove that it actually works. Not to mention, it can cause some serious harm to your skin. Instead, rid yourself of blackheads using safe, dermatologist-approved methods.

The regular use of gentle exfoliating skincare products, combined with professional treatments and everyday tools should be all you need to keep your pores clear and your skin shining. Contact the skincare experts at LaserAway to learn more and get your own personalized regimen.

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