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What’s Baby Thermage FLX? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

What is Baby Thermage FLX and why you should try it

If you’re wanting to improve the tone and texture of your skin and looking into skin-tightening treatments, you’ve probably heard of Thermage FLX— the popular, non-invasive radiofrequency option that smooths fine lines and wrinkles and prevents signs of aging by restructuring collagen. But what’s the deal with Baby Thermage FLX, its lesser-known sister treatment? Here’s all you need to know about Baby Thermage FLX.

How does Baby Thermage FLX work?

Baby Thermage FLX uses the same FDA-cleared radiofrequency AccuREP technology to tighten skin on the face and body. And just like Thermage FLX, Baby Thermage FLX is non-surgical and requires little recovery time. It works on all skin types and produces long-lasting results in just one treatment. Results may be seen right away, but likely appear gradually in the two to six months following treatment. The best part though? Those meaningful results can last for years.

What’s the difference between Baby Thermage FLX and classic Thermage FLX?

Baby Thermage FLX focuses on smaller treatment areas like the upper face (around the eyes), lower face (jowls), neck, and hands. These shorter, more focused treatments often mean half the appointment time and half the cost.

When to choose Baby Thermage FLX vs Thermage FLX

How to choose just comes down to where you’d like to target and treat.

Baby Thermage FLX is perfect when you’re just looking to tighten up a little area. Maybe you’re not ready for a full-face Thermage FLX treatment, but your hooded eyes or fine lines could benefit from the collagen boost. Or maybe you have had full-face Thermage FLX in the past and now you’re looking for the skin on your hands to match that of your smooth and tight complexion. Baby Thermage FLX is also ideal if you’ve had a more invasive full face and neck treatment and would like to target only your remaining troublesome areas, such as the jowls, area under the chin, or eyes.

A classic Thermage FLX treatment is better suited for targeting bigger treatment areas like the full face and neck, or a larger body part like the belly.

There’s nothing baby about these results

While Baby Thermage FLX boils down to a smaller treatment size, rest assured, the results are just as major. Baby Thermage FLX prevents signs of aging for a more refreshed look.

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