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Why You Should Use Rejuvenating Skincare Products In Your 20s

Start early for healthy, youthful skin later

We all know that the first signs of aging begin to appear somewhere in your early 30s. And we’ve all heard that the best way to combat premature aging is to start early with preventative measures. But how soon is too soon?

Most experts agree that prevention starts in your 20s

The first signs of skin damage begin to crop up sometime in your 30s as your skin becomes less resilient. You might start to notice brown spots, crow’s feet, and dull skin. But all of these changes are a reflection of past behaviors. That means the damage you do in your 20s will show up in your 30s, 40s, and 50s. But by taking early action now, you can age gracefully over time.

Research shows that the most important steps you can take in your 20s and 30s to prevent premature aging is avoiding smoking and wearing sunscreen on a regular basis. You should use a sunscreen containing an SPF 30 or higher every single day.

While you don’t need to invest in a ton of different anti-aging skincare products in your 20s, you should use over-the-counter retinol. It is one of the most effective beauty products you can use mostly because retinol helps to regulate skin function. What’s more, retinoids can reduce acne, shrink pores, even out skin tone, and build collagen, all resulting in fast cell turnover.

Start using these skincare products right now

In addition to using sunscreen, not smoking, and eating healthy, you should use these rejuvenating skincare products beginning in your 20s. But, if you’re in your 30s or older, it’s never too late to start:

Gentle cleansers

Sometimes women tend to over-exfoliate, leaving skin raw and dry. That’s why you should use gentle facial cleansers, especially in the morning. Look for a product that both cleanses and hydrates skin.

Vitamin C serums

Use a vitamin C serum, which is packed with antioxidants for an added layer of protection. It’ll help to neutralize free radicals as well as help with collagen production.


Wear sunscreen every single day, even in the winter. Choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen that’s SPF 30 or higher. Look for ingredients such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Make sure to reapply sunscreen every one-to-two hours if you’re outdoors.

Eye creams

The skin around the eye is the thinnest on the body, and one of the first to show signs of visible aging. Start an eye cream early to help hydrate and plump skin. Rotate creams with different active ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid and retinol, to work the different layers of skin.


Hydrating toners

Use hydrating water-based toners that won’t over-strip skin. Look for ingredients such as rose extract and hyaluronic acid.


Remember to avoid going overboard with skincare products, since it can lead to breakouts and irritation.

Flawless skin for life

When it comes to preventing premature aging, you should start using youth-boosting products beginning in your 20s. This means wearing sunscreen every day, using retinol products, and caring for the delicate skin around your eyes. How you treat your skin in your 20s will show up in your 30s and beyond, so treat it well.

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