You just booked your first redeye flight overseas. You're excited, but not sure how you're going to handle a 12-hour-long flight. Don't worry -- here are ten items you need to survive a long-haul flight:

Reusable water bottle

1. Reusable water bottle

Dehydration is common on long trips -- it's easy to forget to drink water. But dehydration dries out your skin, makes you more susceptible to jet lag, and weakens your immune system. You can save money by refilling a water bottle rather than buying bottled water. Most airports have hydration stations throughout terminals.

Noise canceling headphones

2. Noise canceling headphones

Airplanes are loud, and it'll be challenging falling asleep. That's where noise canceling headphones come into play. Be sure to download a relaxing sleep playlist before your flight.


3. Snacks

Most airlines don't serve large amounts of food on long-haul flights. That's why it's important to pack plenty of healthy snacks, such as cheese and crackers, fruits, and nuts. Also, pack gum that helps relieve ear pressure while flying.

Toiletry bag

4. Toiletry bag

Travel-sized necessities are essential for any flight. In your mini-toiletry bag, make sure to pack mist spray, ointment, shea butter cream, dry shampoo, lip balm, a disposable toothbrush, deodorant, and hand sanitizer. You'll want to pack over-the-counter medicines, too, like anti-histamines and ibuprofen.

Compression socks

5. Compression socks

Compression socks encourage good circulation and help your body adjust to the pressure changes. You'll want to wear comfortable shoes, too, such as tennis shoes.

Fleece blanket

6. Fleece blanket

Pack a compact blanket in your carryon. This is for when the plane's AC is on full blast. You should also dress comfortably overall, and consider packing an extra set of clothes in your carryon.

Sleep aid

7. Sleep Aid

Relaxing on a plane is difficult. That's when a sleep aid might be necessary. Pack melatonin spray, prescription sleep aids, or bedtime tea to help you relax and recharge while flying.


8. Entertainment

Make sure you have access to plenty of entertainment so that you're never bored. Pack a laptop, tablet or reader. Preload any shows or movies, and charge all your devices the night before your flight, just in case there are no outlets available.

Safe and comfortable travels

9. Travel pillow

Increase your comfort on the plane by using a travel pillow. It'll help you sleep easier. You can look for an inflatable option if you don't feel like lugging a pillow around.

Backup power charger

10. Backup power charger

Even if you've charged all your devices before boarding, you'll probably have a low battery at the end of it. Make sure to pack at least two backup chargers to charge your phone and tablet fully. Pack an extra USB output charger and converters as well.

Safe and comfortable travels!

Though you're most likely not looking forward to being stuck in an airplane for nine or more hours, you can make your trip more comfortable and enjoyable by packing the above items. Remember that, as long as you pack right, you can withstand anything that comes your way.

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