YouTube has exploded since its launch in 2005. Originally a site where users could casually upload, share, and view video clips, YouTube has quickly become a social media juggernaut. Now it's a place where you can virtually watch anything and anyone. The YouTube revolution has inspired some real characters. Meet 12 of the most notable.


Her given name is Mariand Castrejon Castañeda, but her legions of fans know her as Yuya. A latina YouTuber since 2009, Yuya has built a following of 2.5 million channel subscribers. In her videos include makeup tutorials, DIY project how-to’s, and fashion and hair advice. Whatever the topic, her videos are quirky and engaging. ¿Hablas español? ¡No problemo! Yuya has plenty of videos in Spanish.

2. Rachel Levin

Known by her YouTube handle rclbeauty101, Rachel Levin takes comedy to the next level. She showcases skits that discuss such things as "the worst things about a pool party," and "DIY weird back to school supplies you need to try." She also has videos that demonstrate life hacks that every girl needs to know as well as fashion advice, such as how to dress like a million bucks for just pennies. Join the over 12 million channel subscribers for whom rclbeauty101 is appointment YouTube viewing.

3. Lindsey Stirling

An American violinist, dancer, performance artist, and composer, Lindsey Stirling is has over 9 million channel subscribers. She showcases music videos, comedy skits, violin performances, and much more. If you're looking for entertainment, then Lindsey Stirling is your go-to girl.

4. Michelle Phan

A YouTuber since 2006, Michelle Phan has enticed over 8 million subscribers to her channel. She was among the first YouTubers to upload makeup tutorials, and they were quite successful. In fact, she inspired many other women YouTubers to launch their own beauty channels. Michelle's hard work and dedication paid off; Lancôme hired her as their official video makeup artist and spokesperson. A few years ago, Michelle launched her own line of cosmetics for L'Oreal.

5. Bethany Mota

Bethany Mota launched her YouTube career in 2009. Since then she has racked up over 10 million channel subscribers. Her high-quality videos show off her high-energy personality. Many of her videos showcase fashion advice, hairstyle tutorials, and more. Her page also features quirky, funny videos such as how girls workout and things girls do before bed. If you're looking for a laugh, check her out!

6. Kandee Johnson

YouTuber and mother of four Kandee Johnson is all-star video makeup tutor. Her humor and personality make her a natural. Channel subscribers' favorites videos include "Barbie Doll makeup transformation," "how to contour like a contouring artist," and "nude lip smokey eye tutorial." Not only are Kandee's videos entertaining, they’ll teach you a lot as well.

7. Emily Graslie

Host of the YouTube channel "The Brain Scoop," Emily Graslie offers an entertaining and informative science series on YouTube. It is shot at the Chicago Field Museum, and it showcases artifacts and fossils. Graslie chats with museum employees and provides viewers with a history of the Chicago Field Museum's entire collection, which she presents with humor and verve. Emily also uploads quirky videos. "How to braid your hair like this" is one standout example.

8. Megan MacKay

A writer and comedian with her own YouTube channel, Megan MacKay posts makeup tutorials that also incorporate news topics, such as "Ray Rice Inspired Makeup Tutorial." She features quirky, funny videos such as, "could humans survive on other planets?" Megan's YouTube channel features several video categories, including "I Learned a Thing," "Makeup Roast-orials," and "Wig and Prop Lovers Only."

9. Zoella

A UK YouTuber whose real name is Zoe Sugg, Zoella is a lifestyle blogger. With over has over 11 million subscribers, her channel features engaging videos that specialize in providing tips on hair, makeup, fashion, and style. But Zoella's other videos also tackle anxiety and other non beauty-related topics. She has a dynamic personality that will engage anyone. After all, who doesn't love a British accent?

10. Superwoman

Lilly Singh is the mastermind behind the YouTube handle "Superwoman." A Canadian celebrity, stand-up comedian, and vlogger of Indian descent, Lilly populates her channel hilarious body-positive videos. Some of her most popular videos include "awkward body problems girls face," "if boys got their period," and "how girls text back." If you want to laugh at girl problems, then Superwoman is one YouTuber to tune into.

11. JennaMarbles

JennaMarbles joined YouTube in 2010. Since then her channel has attracted over 17 million subscribers. Always funny and engaging, JennaMarble's videos feature drunk makeup tutorials, makeup tutorials done by her boyfriend, and other funny videos such as "how to trick people into thinking you're good looking." Check out JennaMarbles if you want good laughs to go with great life pro tips.

12. Liza Koshy

With over 10 million channel subscribers, Liza Koshy is a female YouTuber worth checking out. Her hilarious and engaging videos feature such topics as "how to save your money," "the world's best beauty hacks," and "back to school DIY." Other funny videos include "learn how to flirt! Pick-up lines with Liza," "how to take the perfect selfie," and "how to heal with pet peeves."


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