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8 Tips To Taking The Best Bikini Photos

Bikini season is in full swing, and your IG is probably full of beach pics. But, want to learn how to take sexy selfies? Here are eight pro tips for taking a stellar bikini photo:

1. Get more relaxed

Taking bikini selfies can be nervewracking. But, you can loosen up beforehand with a glass or two of wine. Also, don't be afraid to bring a cover-up for when you begin to feel too self-conscious.

2. Find your best bikini pose

When it comes to bikini pictures, extending your body is always the best. You should stand up with good posture. If the picture is going to be cropped, you can stand on your toes to flex your leg muscles. Shooting from above also makes your butt and hips look smaller.

3. Choose a good background

The background is key. You'll stand out best on a blank canvas, and the lighter your background, the better. Why? Because the tanner and slimmer you're going to look.

4. Locate good sun

The best lighting for a bikini selfie is soft from the front and dark through the sides. If you're super pale, bright sunlight can wash you out, making you look ultra-flat. Shoot at sunrise and sunset -- it's the best light in any circumstance. Whatever you do, don't take pictures during midday unless you are wearing sunglasses.

5. Wear a sexy swimsuit

Sport either a two-piece or a one-piece swimsuit that's going to show some skin.

6. Don't pose sitting

Don't snap pictures of yourself sitting down on a deck chair, since it will pancake out your thighs. Instead, recline back while extending your legs and holding your core and spine tight to elongate your body for a slimming effect.

7. Get silly with the photo

Remember to have fun and not take things so seriously. You'll look super sexy if you let your guard down, and you're feeling more relaxed.

8. Enjoy the moment

Don't get caught up in trying to capture the perfect picture. Instead, enjoy wearing a swimsuit and hanging out with your friends. Don't let anything prevent you from having a good time. After all, confidence is the sexiest thing of all.

Say cheese to bikini photos

It's easy taking a stellar bikini photo -- all you have to do is experiment with some poses, locate the right lighting, and most importantly, exude confidence!

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