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10 Crave-Worthy Makeup Trends for 2021

2021’s top makeup trends

There’s no denying it: in 2021 we’re all craving some major beauty moments. We’ve long awaited the chance to make the streets our runway once again, and the toughest decision we’ll have to make is which new trend to next. If you’re feeling clueless about where to start, look no further. From glowy skin to peach cheeks and bushy brows, here are the ten hottest makeup trends for 2021.

1. Fresh skin

This year, it’s all about a fresh, dewy base. Barely there foundations that provide sheer coverage and an illuminating sheen are all you need, it’s not about hiding imperfections but glowing up what you’ve got.

2. Minimal concealer

Applying concealer in triangles underneath the eyes is so last year. Now, it’s all about using concealer sparingly and in a few key places. Stick to the inner and outer corners of the eye, brushing the outward to further highlight a cat eye or shadow look.

3. Peach cheeks

It’s time to trade pink flushed cheeks for peaches that blend beautifully with bronzers and contours. The warmth of a peach blush is still natural and youthful-looking but offers a fresh twist that’s universally flattering.

4. Glossy lips

If you’re not into bold lipsticks, fear not; lip gloss is having its biggest moment yet. Adding lip gloss to your makeup routine adds dimension, youth, and shine to your look. Choose from tinted lip gloss to sheer, depending on the look you’re trying to achieve. Bonus: lip gloss actually gives the illusion that your lips are bigger than they are. Plus it keeps them hydrated and soft.

5. Natural falsies

To match the no-makeup makeup trend, more natural-looking false lashes are the ultimate finishing touch. A pair of wispy false eyelashes bring a flirty, polished feel to even the most minimal makeup days. It’s just the right hint of glamour without feeling like you tried too hard.

6. Graphic liner

This is a twist on the more classic cat-eye. To get it, swipe black kohl eyeliner on your upper lids in a straight line. For a twist, apply black liner imperfectly, degraded on the bottom lash line or lined only in the center of your eyes. Unfinished grungy looks are totally in fashion this year. But if you aren’t after this look, liquid eyeliner is also in this year. Look for formulas with gleaming finishes. These will give you an extra edge.

7. Smoky eyes

Smoky eyes are classic! But makeup artists on the runway have given them a twist by using black and brown liner to create a diffused look. If you’re wearing smoky eyes, be sure to go lighter on the lipstick to balance everything.

8. Brushed up brows

Fluffy brushed-up brows are all the rage this year. In fact, they’re almost all you’re seeing on IG these days. Get the full look by using brow wax or soap to brush hairs in place and give a lift to your arch, filling in any sparse spots with a super thin brow marker or pencil in hair-like strokes.

9. Stained lips

For a low-key take on richly colored lips, reach for a lip stain. The sheer and diffused formula of a stain or tint will give you the berry shade you want without the bold contrast of an opaque lipstick. Plus, you have the added benefit of not having to constantly reapply.

10. Two-tone lipstick

Rather than using out-there shades such as green or black, try using a matte red color on your upper lip and then a hot pink shade on your bottom lip. While at a distance the colors look similar, up close it’s a playful look. Other color combinations that work well include reds and oranges as well as pinks and fuchsias.

Make up with makeup

Ready to get out of your sweats and stay-at-home rut? Us, too. But it’s not easy to get your creative juices flowing. Use this top 10 list as your beauty guide to jumpstart your look and you’ll be on your way back to trendsetter status.

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