Nothing says summer like a braided hairstyle that'll have you ready for some fun in the sun in no time! Not only are braids pretty, but they are practical, too. You can swim and sweat to your heart's content without compromising your hairdo.

To master any braided hairstyle, all you'll need are a clear hair tie, hairspray, and a regular hair tie. Here are three braided hairstyles for beating the heat like a pro:

1. Waterfall braid

First, part your hair as you usually do. Then, on either the right or the left side of your hair, take the first three strands of hair near your face and braid them into the rest of the hair, going from the front to the back of your head. Tie it in the back using a clear hair tie and use some hairspray to help hold the shape. The resulting braid should resemble a cascading waterfall.

2. Mini textured braids

Part your hair as you usually do. Right in the part on the left side of your head, start braiding mini vertical braids throughout that section spaced about an inch apart, going from front to back. Repeat on the right side. Spray hairspray all over your hair to help hold the mini braids in place.

3. Braid n' bun

Sitting in a hair, lean over, so you have access to the back of your head. Then, begin French braiding your hair from the back of the neckline to the top of the head. Once you reach the top, pull the remaining hair into a bun. You should be able to see the French braid on the backside of your hair.

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