Fall is finally here, and that means it's time to update your wardrobe, makeup, and hairstyle. If you're looking for cut to finish out the year, check out these five trending autumn hairstyles.

1. Pixie

The pixie cut has made a comeback, but with a twist. The 2017 pixie cut is all about:

  • Thick bangs
  • Dark and light tones
  • Short sides

Best of all, you can customize any pixie cut to suit your style and face shape. Accessorize this short, bold haircut with large earrings and a headband to really stand out.

2. Shoulder-length

If you enjoy sporting longer hair, then shoulder-length haircuts are all the rage this fall, especially when they consist of longer layers paired with shorter layers around the face. Longer layers give the illusion of full ends, no matter how you choose to style your hair. You can customize shoulder-length cuts with side bangs, blunt bangs, or no bangs, depending on your face shape.

3. Long bob

Bobs really never go out of style. This fall, it's all about long bobs that are layered to highlight bone structure. You can easily style long bobs using texturizing sprays to add volume and hold your style in place. Long bobs generally fall just above your shoulders, and suit both straight and wavy hair. Get a blunt bob with blunt bangs for an edgier look. And style it with a shine serum for an extra glossy appearance.

4. Updated bowl

Usually when you think of a bowl cut, you picture Moe from The Three Stooges or Lloyd Christmas from Dumb and Dumber. But fall 2017 is all about the modern bowl cut that emphasizes imperfection in an artful way. The updated bowl cut is more-or-less a graduated bowl cut that plays up your more creative side. This haircut is ideal for straight hair and those with angular faces. If you're looking for edgy versatility, look no further. With the updated bowl cut, you can sweep your bangs to the side or sport a headband.

5. Buzzcut

The buzzcut has made a comeback this fall, but it's not the for faint of heart. If you want to play up your rock n' roll persona, then consider taking the plunge. Best of all, the buzzcut suits virtually every face type. You should make sure the hairdresser follows your head shape and the length is uniform all around. If you really want to look like a punk rocker, then dye your buzzcut platinum blonde and pair with a bold lipstick.


Fall fashion inspiration

Complement your new cut with these totally "it" clothing trends.

• Floral patterns

While spring floral patterns were all about springy bouquets, autumn florals are on the darker side. Think deep blues, purples, and pinks as well as burnt oranges, burgundies, and browns.

• Pale pinks

This might seem counterintuitive for fall, but pale pinks are all the rage this fall. Look for slightly opaque pale pink clothes, such as jeans, skirts, and shorts, in a wide variety of fabric.

• Vintage fur coats

This fall, it's all about going back to basics, and that means simple fur coats with a vintage twist. Check out your local estate sales, clothing consignment shops, and thrift stores for them.

• Western wear

Cowboy-inspired fashion is riding herd on runways this fall. Essentials include modern cowboy boots, leather vests, and cactus prints.

• Fishnet stockings

No longer just for goths and punks, fishnet stockings have staged a comeback among mainstream fashionistas, especially this fall. Pair fishnets with classic, feminine dresses, blazers, and boots.

• Longer skirts

Once the cooler weather hits, you don't have to ditch the skirts; longer skirts are all rage this fall, particularly mid-length ones. Look for skirts with full movement hemmed at the calves.

• Chocolate -brown pieces

Chocolate-brown hues are the new black, and they're in this fall. Purchase anything from dresses to pants to skirts in dark brown for a classic, modern fall look.

• Velvet

If you're looking for glam this fall, then velvet is the in thing. Search for jewel-tone hues in skirts and dresses.

• Thick belts

Thick belts are in fashion this fall, and they easily accessorize coats, dresses, jumpsuits, and skirts. Wear the belt above your waist to give the illusion of an hourglass figure.

An autumn look to fall for

The changing leaves and cooler weather create new demands for your ensembles and look. The entirely different color palette of the season means bringing in hues that have sat in the closet through spring and summer. Making the change with style is easy, as long as you have the right inspiration. And once you've gotten it, an awesome autumn will be yours!


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