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5 DIY At-Home Spa Day Tips

How to have an at-home spa day

With the pandemic still unfolding, self-care is more essential than ever nowadays. While a lot of self-care activities focus on your inner state and well-being, it’s important that you also don’t neglect your outer self. One way to do that is to give yourself a spa day, which you can do right in the comfort of your own home. Need some inspiration? Here are five pro tips to take your at-home spa day to the next level:

1. Set the mood

The first step toward creating the ultimate at-home spa is to set the mood. That means you should really scrub your bathroom so that it’s squeaky clean. Then create a spa-inspired playlist that’ll help you to relax. Finally, create some ambient lighting with strategically placed candles.

2. Soak in a bath

Start your spa process by relaxing in a hot bath. Consider soaking in Epsom salts, which promote blood circulation and help relieve muscle tension. At the very end of your soak, exfoliate your skin with a body mitt and then apply a body moisturizer from head to toe.

3. Give yourself a facial

Yes, there are ways to achieve spa-quality results at home. And, no, you don’t have to spend $100. First, remove all of your makeup with a gentle cleanser like LaserAway Beauty Come Clean Purifying Face Wash. Then, steam your skin for ten minutes to open up the pores and chemically exfoliate your skin using a gentle peeling solution that contains alpha hydroxy acids. Follow up with a peptide-enriched moisturizer, like this one from LaserAway Beauty.

4. Don’t forget about your nails

Regular manis/pedis get expensive pretty quickly, but they are an essential part of any spa day. Save time and money by considering ManiMe for stick-on gels that are custom fit to your nails for a professional-quality look.

5. Wear comfy clothes

During your entire spa day, be sure to wear your comfiest clothes. Maybe that’s a bathrobe, pajamas, or a onesie. Whatever you choose to wear, just make sure you feel comfortable and relaxed.

You deserve to be pampered

Carve out time on the regular to pamper yourself at home. Finish off your DIY spa day by cooking a delicious gourmet meal, watching one of your favorite films, and catching up on extra sleep.

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