You've updated your makeup and fashion to reflect the year's trends. Now it's time to update your 'do. Here are 2017's top-trending hairstyles.

1. Straight hair

Curls were in last year, but straight hair is in again this year. To achieve perfectly straight hair, start with freshly washed hair, gently detangle it, and go over your hair with a tine tooth comb. Blow dry from the root to tip with the air flow pointing down the hair shaft towards the ends.

2. Neon hair

Think 90s rave shows. Neon hair is all the rage, especially if it glows in the dark. Best are vibrant colors like purple, blue, green, and pink.

3. Boyish hair

Those with angular facial features can easily sport boyish hair, which is hot for 2017. If you have soft facial features, opt for an angular cut.

4. High ponytail

High ponytails are in vogue this year. Pull your hair tight, sky-high, and finish with extra volume on the tail. Consider using a curling iron to curl your ponytail for an extra dramatic effect.

5. Ribbons

They're officially back because ribbons are versatile and feminine. Tie a bow in a low ponytail.

6. Sweep-back

This hairstyle involves shiny straight strands tucked behind both ears. The great part about it is that it works on all hair lengths.

7. Braids

This year it’s all about loose braids, whereas last year, it was all about tight ones. Think light and loose and romantic.


Tips for getting great hair

If you’re looking for shiny, luxurious and soft hair, and you haven’t had much luck with other products, then you should try a weekly deep conditioning treatment. Safe, gentle, and effective, these six awesome treatments will give you great hair in no time.

• Banana conditioner

Did you know that bananas are rich in potassium and vitamin A, which go a long way in treating dry hair? It’s true! This recipe uses bananas, olive oil, and Greek yogurt. Olive oil deeply penetrates hair follicles, and Greek yogurt softens strands with protein. You’ll want to add one banana, three tablespoons of olive oil, and half cup of Greek yogurt into a blender and mix all the ingredients together. Then apply to wet hair, cover with a cap, and leave on for half an hour.

• Avocado mask

Avocado great for treating brittle, dry hair, because it's packed with essential fatty acids! To make this conditioning mask, you’ll want to mash an avocado with some organic raw honey and a little bit of avocado oil. Apply to wet hair, cover with a cap, and leave on for an hour.

• Egg whites and yogurt conditioner

Egg whites are packed with protein, helping to restore moisture, and yogurt contains fats that your hair will love! To make this deep conditioner, mix one cup of Greek yogurt with the egg whites from two eggs. Place the mixture on damp hair, slap on a shower cap, and let it sit on your head for thirty minutes.

• Honey and olive oil mask

A natural humectant, honey attracts moisture. Honey also contains a lot of antioxidants that encourage hair growth. Olive oil is jam packed with healthy fats, helping to rehydrate damaged, dry hair. To make this hair mask, mix a half-cup of honey with a fourth-cup olive oil and apply to damp hair. Cover with a shower cap, and let the mixture sit on your head for an hour.

• Lavender coconut oil conditioner

An incredibly moisturizing essential oil, lavender helps to restore moisture balance to hair. Coconut oil deeply penetrates the hair shaft and contains fatty acids that strengthen your hair, resulting in less split ends. The two combined give your hair a healthy shine. To make this deep conditioner, mix 10 drops of lavender oil with 4 tablespoons coconut oil. Massage into your scalp, and leave on for 45 minutes.

• Argan oil and egg hair mask

Argan oil is renowned for its hydrating abilities, especially when it comes to hair. Coupled with eggs that are rich in proteins and healthy fats, this hair mask is sure to leave your hair silky soft and shiny! To make this hair mask, mix two eggs with four tablespoons of argan oil. Apply to damp hair, slap on a cap, and let the mask sit on your head for an hour.


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