Summer's here! It’s time to update your makeup.

You pride yourself on staying on top of latest beauty trends, so here are seven lipstick shades that are turning up the heat on summer.

1. Deep red shades

Though deep red colors are normally worn during fall and winter, this summer they’re making a comeback! To offset the lip color, keep the rest of your face natural. Play around with both blue-based reds and orange reds.

2. Fuchsia shades

This summer it’s all about brightly highlighting hues. Fuchsia is one of them. Ditch your basic dusty pink colors in favor of MAC’s Flamingo Park collection.

3. Light pink shades

Want a softer look? Reach for light pink lipstick shades and pair them with pink eyeshadows.

4. Dark, vampy shades

These might seem counterintuitive for summer, but Burberry has started the trend of dark, intense lipstick shades for wearing during 2016’s hottest months. Plus, this color looks killer on all skin tones.


5. Plum colored shades

A sizzling summer look combines plum-colored lipstick with leather — perfect for a memorable night on the town. Be sure to layer generously. This will give your lipstick a supersaturated finish.

6. Orange-y shades

If you’re tired of the same old red lipstick, switch it up with a vibrant orange-y shade. It’s perfect for summer. Plus, it works well with bright tropical colors. For a more intense effect, layer your lipstick with a gloss on top.

7. Coral-colored shades

This year, it’s all about juicy summer melon colors, and coral-colored lipsticks embody that. Match bright coral colors with neon nails, and you’re in for some summer fun!

Lip service

Whatever color you make them, full, sexy lips make the year's hot months even hotter. Get your pucker together today!


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