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8 Beauty Blogs You Must Check Out

The beauty blogs you need to know

There was a point not so long ago where everyone had a blog. With so much content inundating the internet, it’s tough to find the cream of the crop. And these days blogs aren’t even really limited to solitary sites, they’re part Instagram, part YouTube and more. Luckily, we’ve done the work for you. Here’s the lowdown on the eight best beauty blogs that’ll for keeping you inspired — and gorgeous.

Into The Gloss

Started by Glossier founder Emily Weiss, Into The Gloss explores the beauty routines of inspiring women. The perfect complement to the now burgeoning brand, the site is known for its profiles and the beloved “Top Shelf” segments.

Beauty Is Boring

Robin Black’s critically acclaimed beauty blog, Beauty Is Boring, is worth checking out. A renowned makeup artist and photographer who showcases model looks on her beauty blog, Black does all the hair, makeup, and photo shoots, and each of her posts is truly inspirational.

Nam Vo

You may not know the name, but oh honey, do you know the glow. This Insta-famous face is heralded with bringing dewy skin realness to the forefront. A true pioneer of the glassy skin movement. Join the #dewydumplings gang and get all the best tips and tricks for her signature shine.

Hannah Mussette

With nearly half a million subscribers, Hannah Mussette is a model and YouTube queen for all things skincare and hair. She’ll show you how to take natural hair to the next level and always has the inside scoop (and reviews!) on the latest products.

Mixed Makeup

You’ve likely seen Susan Yara’s friendly face all over your own Facebook feed where her videos assessing celebrity skincare routines get infinite likes. Her blog, Mixed Makeup, focuses on high quality women’s content that bridges the gap between influencer blogs and traditional media publications.

Charlotte Parlermino

This beauty editor turned founder is breaking down the science behind skincare…and making it fun. Her IGTVs and reels give you the low-down on complicated ingredients, technology and more. From the best devices to the real deal on sunscreens, she covers it all.

Skincare by Hyram

Finding internet fame on TikTok of all places, Hyram Yarbo is a content creator and self-proclaimed skincare junkie. He’s got memes, he’s got celebrity cameos, he’s got giveaways. Come for the skincare routine reviews and suggestions, stay for the honest and charming personality.

Cult of Pretty

Ann Colville Somma’s popular beauty blog Cult of Pretty features the best beauty products you’ve probably never even heard of before. Cult of Pretty highlights some of the best skincare, makeup, fragrance, and hair-care products around. Our favorite section of Ann’s blog is the “Ask Me Anything” section, where readers can ask about beauty suggestions, and Ann personally responds to each one.

Your beauty duty

We all know that fashion is everything, and it can be hard keeping up with the latest beauty and fashion trends — especially if you don’t regularly follow beauty blogs. But with so many beauty blogs floating around on the internet, it can be hard to tell which ones are reputable and offer the best reviews of new products. If you stick with this list, however, you’re sure to stay up on the latest and greatest.


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