How to apply false eyelashes

This year, Halloween definitely looks very different. While you might be having virtual Zoom Halloween bashes rather than in-person ones or hanging out with all your friends outside while social distancing and wearing masks, that doesn't mean you still can't have some fun. And even though you have to work a mask into your Halloween look this year, you can still dress up your eyes. Makeup artist extraordinaire Karlee Eldridge is here to help by showing you how to use false eyelashes to achieve an eye-catching look. All you need are fake lashes, eyelash glue, and tweezers:

1. Trio bundle eyelashes

This look uses lash trios, which are individual lashes bundled together three at a time. While Karlee used Ardell Lash Trios, you can use any brand of lash trios. This style of eyelashes is very user-friendly. Simply place them on the outside of your lashes for extra oomph.

Pick out a medium length and a shorter lash. Then, place some eyelash glue on the edges. Using the tweezers, place the medium-length lash on the outermost edge of your eyelashes, followed by the shorter lash. It'll lift and open your eyes.

2. Individual eyelashes

This look uses individual eyelashes, which you can get from any cosmetic store or drugstore. You can also purchase them online through Amazon. With these eyelashes, you can get more creative because they can be applied one at a time to lashes in different ways. The process for applying these eyelashes is the same as with the lash trios, except you'll apply more lashes to your lash line to achieve your desired look.

3. Strip eyelashes

Strip eyelashes are ultra-easy to apply to achieve a dramatic look. You can find them at most cosmetic stores and even Target.

Always measure the eyelashes to your eye first and cut them accordingly. Before applying strip eyelashes, line your eyelid with black eyeliner. This will help give the illusion that these fake eyelashes are actually yours. Apply these eyelashes similarly to how you would the other two. Line them with eyelash glue, wait until the glue gets tacky, and use your hands to apply the lashes to your lash line. Use tweezers to adjust the eyelash if need be. Then, apply a thin line of eyeliner on top to help blend them in.

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