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Dr. Kirby’s Top 5 Skin Fitness Resolutions

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Skin fitness is essential to achieving youthful, dewy skin. But what is skin fitness? It’s when you obtain and maintain great skin. Here are Dr. Kirby’s top five skin fitness resolutions for 2019:

1. Protection

It’s super important to protect your skin from the sun every single day no matter what! This means you need to always wear an SPF 50 or higher on your face and all other exposed areas along with a hat and sunglasses regardless of climate or where you live.

2. Hydration

Most people are dehydrated. To rehydrate and ensure you’re getting enough water, drink a big glass right when you wake up and before you go to bed. You’ll also want to sip on water throughout the day. What’s more, to keep your skin hydrated around the clock, use a humidifier. Place it in your bedroom, and crank up the humidifier on high while you sleep. You’ll wake up with dewy, glowing skin.

Lastly, you should use a high-quality moisturizer every single night before going to bed. Choose a lightweight moisturizer that won’t clog pores. It should also contain antioxidants to help protect against free radicals.

3. Purge

It’s time to purge your medicine cabinet. Go through all your beauty and skincare products, and toss out everything you haven’t used in the last six months. Replace those products with a high-quality skincare line that you’ll know you’ll use.

4. Visit the professionals

No matter how well you take care of your skin at home, the simple truth is that you’re limited by technology. If you want to take your skin fitness to the next level, you should schedule an appointment with a dermatologist to explore your options, such as laser skin resurfacing or IPL photo facials.

5. Commit to a routine

If you want to achieve and maintain beautiful skin, it’s essential to commit to consistency. What does that mean? Committing to always wearing SPF 50 or higher, using a moisturizer at night, sleeping with a humidifier in your bedroom, and getting regular dermatological treatments. You’ll have the best skin you’ve ever had in your life.

Here’s to beautiful skin in 2019

You can easily achieve maximum skin fitness this year by following the above expert tips. If you’re looking for a new skincare line to try out, look no further — LA Beauty is the most technologically advanced skincare line ever developed by leading dermatologists, and it’s guaranteed to up your skin fitness to the next level. Happy 2019!

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