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Essential Eyelash Extension Pro Tips

Tips for extending the life of your eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions are an easy and effective way to add thickness and length to your natural lashes. And while they look amazing, there’s no denying they require some additional upkeep. If you’re interested in getting extensions or are looking for a refresher on lash care and makeup pairings, read on for our eyelash extension pro tips.

Eyelash extension care tips

Once you’ve had eyelash extensions applied, you’ll need to follow specific hygiene and makeup habits to obtain the best results. To keep your lashes looking on point, you’ll want to:

  • Put on mascara the right way

Use gentle strokes, applying extension-friendly mascara to only your extensions’ tips.

  • Keep your extensions dry for 48 hours after application

You should avoid activities that might cause you to sweat or where you’ll get water on your extensions. This means no exercising, swimming, or saunas.

  • Keep from rubbing or tugging on your eyelashes

Doing so can damage the extensions as well as your natural eyelashes. Your extensions could fall off if you do — and take along natural lashes with them.

  • Keep away from oil-based cleansers

They can weaken the adhesive. Use water or gel-based cleansers, instead. And use a cloth to remove makeup around your eyes.

  • Keep from using greasy eye pencils and concealers

Similarly, the oils in these will also break down the eyelash extension adhesive.

  • Sleep on your back, if possible

Freshly applied eyelash extension adhesive takes a while to dry completely, so sleeping on your side or stomach could loosen them.

  • Comb your eyelash extensions daily

This will prevent their crisscrossing and keep them in top shape.

Eyelash extension makeup tips

When it comes to makeup, you have to be careful how you apply it. Here’s a list of tips to make your eyelash extensions last and look their most flattering.

1. Eyeliner

Eyeliner will make your eyes pop. When applying it, you should place it on the right side of your eyelash line, keeping the line thin for a natural look.

2. Mascara

Mascara isn’t necessary with eyelash extensions, but avoid waterproof and tubing mascara that can ruin your lashes. Apply mascara gently, only covering the top of your lashes.

3. Blush

Highlighting your cheekbones with blush can help create a focal point for your eyes and lashes.

4. Lipstick

Choose a bold lipstick color that will highlight your lashes. If you have warm skin undertones, choose warm colors, such as corals, and vice versa, if you have cool skin undertones, then choose cool colors, such as blue-based reds.

5. Eye makeup

Go light on your eye makeup to really accentuate your long, dramatic lashes. Stick with neutral colors and fill in your eyebrows to create a nice frame around your eyes.

Longer-lasting lashes

Eyelash extensions offer a done-up look on the daily. And while they’re a bit of an investment, with the right care plan in place, they’re more than worth it if you’re looking for a little everyday glam. Adhere to these pro tips and product suggestions and you’ll be able to extend the life of your lashes, saving you time and money in the long run.

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