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Find Your Glow with This Quick and Simple Makeup Tutorial

Your five-step glow guide

Radiant, glowy skin is on everyone’s mind. And as trends shift away from high-coverage foundations and all-out glamour, a more natural lit-from-within glow is what we’re coveting. If you’re looking for the easiest, quickest tutorial for bright, healthy-looking skin, here’s how to find your glow in five simple steps:

Step 1: Prep your skin

You can’t have a good makeup day if you don’t follow a good skincare routine. Use a high-quality moisturizer, such as the LaserAway Beauty Drenched Peptide Enriched Moisturizer, as well as a hydrating eye cream and a liquid highlighter to prime all the high points of your face for ultimate light reflection.

First, apply the moisturizer all over the face and then dab and rub in the eye cream around your eye area. Lastly, prep the skin for a lighter coverage foundation with a pearlescent primer that blurs and reflects light.

Step 2: Apply foundation and concealer

The next step is to apply a luminous liquid foundation and creamy concealer to your face. Use a foundation brush to blend the foundation into the skin. Then follow with a damp beauty blender to achieve the perfect dewy finish. The last step is to dab on concealer under your eyes, on the bridge of the nose, under the nose, and on the chin.

Step 3: Contour, blush, and highlight

For glowing skin, you’ll want to contour and highlight your facial features. You’ll need both liquid and powder highlighter as well as a luminous blush. Apply the liquid highlighter to areas of the face that are naturally hit by the sun — the cheekbones, nose, brow bone, and cupid’s bow. Then set it with the powder highlighter to finish and swipe some blush across your cheekbones.

Step 4: Define the lips

To define your lips, first use a nude lip liner to outline them. Then apply nude lip color to lips followed by a clear or shimmering lipgloss. It’s not about the color here, it’s all about the finish: high-shine.

Step 5: The finishing touches

Bring the whole look together by spritzing a shimmery setting spray all over your face, highlighting the inner corners of your eyes, and dusting your shoulders and collarbone with a hydrating oil.

Time to get glowing

The ultimate glow is all about the textures you’re using and how to layer your products. Build a naturally glowy complexion by beginning with the right skincare, then utilizing and properly setting hydrating formulations. With these five simple steps, your makeup will catch the light in all the right ways and people will soon be asking you how you got your glow.

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