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Get This Quick and Easy Mermaid Makeup Look for Halloween

DIY Halloween makeup

There are years you go all-out on your costume, and years you just can’t be bothered. Thankfully, makeup as costume has become quite the trend itself. If you’ve waited until the last minute for inspiration or just need a quick fix, this tutorial is made for you! All you need is your makeup bag, and you can DIY the rest of your costume through colored clothing. Here’s your simple four-step guide to quick and easy mermaid makeup.

Mer-made you look!

To achieve your under-the-sea style, reach for your most colorful products: a vibrant eyeshadow palette, some rhinestones and glitterflirty lashes, and bold lipstick.

Step one: eyes

Using a blending brush, apply a lighter blue shadow in the crease of your eyelid, then a darker blue in the outer corners. Add a shimmery purple color to the center of the lid using your fingers. Next, use a blue liquid liner to create a wing across the lash line. Pop on some of your favorite statement-making false eyelashes with long-lasting lash glue. Smoke the bottom line of your eyelashes with some blue eyeshadow to add some more definition and dimension and finish with a few coats of your favorite black or blue mascara.

Step two: face

Instead of using brown or bronzing tones to contour, you’re going to use blue ones. You’ll want to create depth in the face with a lighter color and a darker color under the cheekbones, across the forehead, and the jawline.

To create scales, hold up a fishnet stocking to your face, then take any blue eyeshadow and sweep it all over. You can do this all over your face or in a few distinct patches. To finish off your face, add an iridescent highlighter on the high points of your face.

Step three: lips

Finish off this look with a bright blue or purple lip color. You may want to prime your lips first to give them a lighter, more neutral base for brighter color payoff. This can also help your colorful lip last longer. Using a lip brush, carefully paint your lipstick on for more precise lines. Finish with a shiny clear or shimmery gloss for a wet effect.

Step four: finishing touches

Your mermaid look is almost complete! Using your lash glue, add some rhinestones to your face near the eyes, across the brows, and wherever else you’d like to give the appearance of tiny bubbles. A healthy dose of glitter placed on the center of your eyes, cheekbones, and lips is the pièce de résistance for added sparkle.

Make a splash this Halloween

Never underestimate the transformative power of a little makeup. With a few tricks and trusty products, you can mesmerize them all this Halloween and prove that sometimes the best costume ideas are already in the bag!

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