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You can always count on an updo to bring the drama that you crave. Just know going in that all updos are not created the same. It’s about finding one that works with your face’s shape.

Here are some hot tips on finding the right updo for you.

Heart-shaped Face

“A heart shape face is very narrow at the jaw line and much fuller towards the top of the face,” The Hair Styler notes. “It features a wide forehead and cheekbones, and has a pointy chin.”If your face is heart-shaped, then attracting the gaze to the lower half of your face is key. To do this:

  • Pull back only the hair on the top of your head
  • Take your bun or ponytail only halfway up your head
  • Let the hair below your bun or ponytail to fall loose

Oval Face

If your face has an oval shape, you’re lucky! Yours is the most perfectly proportioned of all faces. “This shape … is all about creating softness and … building weight around any edges of the face,” the Daily Mail reports. Pretty much any updo will work on you. But here’s how to get the most flattering one:

  • Pull back your hair tightly
  • Bind in a bun

Pear-shaped Face

If your face is pear-shaped, then framing is everything. Your ‘do should draw attention to the area immediately above your hairline. While a loose bun gets the job done, a chignon is truly flattering. To get one:

  • Twist your hair from the nape of your neck to your hair’s ends
  • Coil your hair counter-clockwise
  • Continue to twist your hair in a bun
  • Hold the bun with your index finger
  • Secure the bun on each side with a bobby pin

Round Face

If your face is round, then your updo should draw attention away from your ears and cheeks. “Any hair style that adds focus to your crown works best,” Styles 101 notes. You have a bun or a ponytail to choose from. Just make sure that it sits at the top of your head. Positioned this way, it lengthens your face.

Square Face

“A square face shape can be enhanced or disguised by the right hairstyle,” Marie Claire notes. If your face is square, then you must think curls. These serve to soften your jawline and brow. It doesn’t matter whether they’re tight or loose, because the goal is to frame your face. Curled hair that’s cut in layers works especially well.

Nowhere to go but up

No matter your face type or the updo you choose, you’re sure to look chic. Now that’s great shape to be in!

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