best beauty appsNot sure which shade of lipstick to wear? How to zap that zit? Which skin care products to avoid? These ten downloadable beauty apps can help:

1. GlamScout App

GlamScout is an app that lets you try on beauty products virtually from more than 80 department store and drugstore brands. Plus, it functions as a mirror.

2. Made-2-Fit Makeup App

This app uses your smartphone's light and camera to measure the distinct tone of your skin. Based on those measurements, it designs a custom moisturizing, light-coverage foundation that is sent to you through the mail.

3. Perfect 365 App

Perfect 365 is an app that allows you to try on hundreds of makeup and hair options. It's so extensive, that you can explore just about any combination of details, including bold brows, bright liner, and rosy cheeks.

4. Sephora Virtual Artist App

This tool within the Sephora app enables you to try out over 3,000 different lip colors and 90 false lash styles. You can also compare up to four side-by-side looks to determine which colors and styles suit you the best.

5. Plum Perfect App

Plum Perfect analyzes the specific tones in your skin, lips, eyes, and hair, and then it presents you with a list of about 30 different makeup items, highlighting the best ones for your coloring. You can narrow down the search results by both categories and looks.

6. GoodGuide App

This app helps ensure that you avoid certain ingredients. All you do is a scan or enter the bar code of any beauty product, and GoodGuide will give you a rating on a scale of one-to-ten of how green it is along with an ingredients list.

7. LovelyLoot App

LovelyLoot lets you curate lists of all your favorite beauty products in one place. It scouts more than 100,000 items from retailers, such as Sephora and Target. You can click on anything to get the full details and save the item.

8. Beautylish App

With this app, you can discover the latest beauty trends, search tutorials, and shop for products. It also features reviews from professionals.

9. Indulge App

Found a manicure color you love, but can't remember the name? Indulge can help. It allows you to scan the nail color at the salon to find out all the details and save the information.

10. YouCam App

YouCam provides digital makeovers with flattering filters and one-touch makeovers along with a hairstyle studio featuring the trendiest cut and color options. Take your selfie to the next level.

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