Just got off work and in a rush? The good news is it's super easy to transform a daytime work look into a nighttime look for going out with these simple tips.

All you need is an eyeshadow, eyeshadow blending brush, lipstick, false eyelashes, eyelash curler, scissors, and eyelash glue.

Step 1: EyeshadowEyeshadow

If you're at work, then you're probably wearing one shade of eyeshadow. But it's effortless to take that to the next level. Just apply a dark brown eyeshadow to the outer crease of your eyes, and then blend. It'll give your eyes that added definition for going out.

Make sure to use a fluffy crease brush to apply the shadow. Don't apply too much eyeshadow, and make sure to blend it thoroughly. The idea is to create a defined space between your brow and the brown eyeshadow.

Step 2: False eyelashesFalse eyelashes

The key ingredient to an evening look is false eyelashes. First, you'll want to trim the false eyelashes so that they fit your eye shape better. Then grab eyelash glue, and apply it to the edges of the false eyelashes, allowing to dry a few seconds before applying.

To apply the false eyelashes, look down and go in at an angle. Pop the false lashes on the upper lash line with the corners down. You'll want to avoid repositioning the false eyelashes once they have been applied.

Step 3: Eyelash curlerEyelash curler

Grab your eyelash curler, and curl your lashes along with your false lashes. Make sure the glue has dried before you do this.

Step 4: LipstickLipstick

The last step is applying lipstick. During the day, you probably prefer wearing a neutral or matte lipstick. But nighttime makeup is your time to shine. You'll want to choose a bold lip color, such as a glossy bright red lipstick. Be sure to choose a long-wearing formula.

...All ready to go for a night on the town

Putting together an evening look doesn't have to be complicated. All you have to do is define your eyes and add some bold lipstick. Then change your outfit, and you're all set to go!

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