Let 2017 be the year you try a bold new style! These ten hair colors and tints will be all the rage.

1. Succulent tones

This unique multitoned look is all over social media. Some variations of this hair color trend include darker hues that mimic jade plants and others that reflect brighter neon shades like aloe vera. To get this look, build the color piece by piece from the base up and weave in purple, magenta, turquoise, and jade shades.

2. Chocolate rose-gold

The new year will be all about rose-gold hair, a shimmery, irresistible shade. "When rose gold and rich brunette cross-pollinate," InStyle reports, "the results are undeniably gorgeous." Best of all, you can customize chocolate rose-gold colors to fit your complexion and style. Try out pink tones along the bottom of your hair and deeper chocolate hues near the crown of your head.

3. Purple and blue-gray tones

This was all the rage in 2016 — and it’s poised to rage on in 2017. Gray ombre is a great unconventional color, and it’s perfect for any hair length. You can choose grays with purple hues or ones with blue hues, and fade the hues so they’re lighter on the bottom of your hair.

4. Mermaid-blue hues

Blue seems classic, but 2017 is less about subtle colors and more about vibrant ones that make a statement. "#Mermaidhair is officially here, and it’s one of the prettiest color trends to date," Teen Vogue reports. To achieve a mermaid-blue look, combine turquoise, aqua, navy, and cobalt hues throughout your hair. The great thing is this hair color suits most skin tones.

5. Watermelon hues

Yes, coloring your hair to resemble watermelon is indeed a thing. All you have to do is combine vivid greens and pinks. You can color the crown down to the middle of your hair green and color your tips pink, or do the opposite. Either way, this is a daring color combo that’ll surely draw attention.

6. Nude

Nude lips are all the rage, and so will nude hair be in 2017. While warm and cool hair colors are standard, neutral ones contain a balance: An even amount of warm and cool tones produces a nude tone. "Because the neutral tone is so versatile with different complexions it makes it ridiculously easy to rock and it’s also easy to change," Cosmopolitan reports, "as you can tone down brassiness or amp it up as you desire, taking your hair from more golden to ashier or vice versa." What's more, nude hair flatters all skin tones and hair styles.

7. Cinnamon swirl

This hair color style conjures images of warm, sweet buns, and it’s definitely pretty enough to eat. Cinnamon swirl hair is really taking off in 2017. Getting it starts as a normal single process but then a hairstylist usually hand-paints brighter bits in foil to accomplish a multidimensional look. If you’re after a “bronde” look, this shade combines a warm honey tone with brown sugary shades.

8. Autumn red

Red hair is timeless, and for 2017, coppery and autumnal hues are all the rage, especially while winter’s still here. If you want to keep your vibrant red hue, avoid using heat tools. And if you do use them, use a heat protectant spray. Also, pick a shampoo and conditioner combo that’s designed for color-treated hair.

9. Compound colors

Make a bold statement with compound hair colors. Compound coloring involves a process where you layer at least two or more colors per section to create an illuminated multitonal result. Compound coloring looks similar to secret rainbow hair, but it’s more visible.

10. Dip-dyed colors

"Dip-dyed hairstyles are still a really big deal," Marie Claire reports, "and this spring, the colour fade is back and stronger than ever." This hair trend is a fun way to wear unconventional and vibrant colors without committing your whole head. This hair color technique gives the illusion that the end of your hair has been dipped in dye. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about growing out your color or dying over your entire head of hair.

However you color it, great, eye-catching hair helps you make a statement any time of year.

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