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These 8 Hair Colors and Tints Will Rule 2021

2021’s top trending hair colors

2021 is about to be the year of major fashion and beauty changes. As enthusiasts enter a new world post-lockdown, they’re destined to be ready to try a bold new style. And by the looks of it, the industry is ready to deliver. Here are the top eight hair colors and tints that will be all the rage this year.

1. 50 shades of red

From strawberry blonde to Netflix and Queen’s Gambit-inspired orange-reds, the bright colors are coming in hot. Go subtle or make a statement, there’s a red that works for every skin tone and mood.

2. Soft pink

An updated take on rose gold dyes, the pink we’re after in 2021 is a softer baby pink over a creamier blonde base. Think cotton candy!

3. Brown balayage

Perhaps a nod to the grown-out locks of brunettes everywhere, this two-tone brown style could be an effortless trend to tap into if you were going lighter up top before. In fact, you may have already achieved it if you put coloring on pause during quarantine.

4. High-maintenance blonde

For those craving a return to all-out glam, this gorgeous, warm blonde is sure to do the trick. Not quite platinum, this one brings a sunny disposition. Like butter, but better.

5. Gray tones

This was all the rage in 2016 and 2017, and it’s back with a vengeance this year. This time around it’s all about embracing your personal gray. Going natural is top of mind for many in 2021 and stylists suggest a clear gloss to give the salt-and-pepper look some extra shine.

6. Fantasy blue hues

Blue seems to pop up every couple of years but isn’t as common as pink since it’s tougher to nail. Be sure to get a bleached white base so it doesn’t end up looking washed and green. This one’s on standout for paler skin tones but can draw attention to redness, so if you’re all too familiar with looking flushed, think twice.

7. Bleached streaks

This hair color style conjures images of the early 2000s, where chunky bleached highlights and frosted tips reigned supreme. The trend is back with large “money piece” sections aka your front pieces streaked lighter or even dyed an additional color like copper.

8. Black Diamond

Ready to make the starkest change of all? A brilliant black ups the ante and surprisingly flatters across multiple skin tones. Ask for an inky black high-gloss finish and your hair will look shinier and healthier than ever.

Color your world

We’re all ready to go big in 2021, and with salons opening up, now’s our chance! From fresh takes on the basics (blondes and brunettes!) to bright rainbow hues, and even a little throwback action, there’s plenty of color trends to jump on this year, it’s just a matter of which to try first!


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